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QuizUp Android beta test prolongs release

How long are you willing to wait until the official QuizUp Android release date? It seems that the makers are taking longer than expected to get an Android version out, but now we have confirmation that a secret QuizUp Android beta test is already underway.

The obvious question that we want to know is how many of you received an invite to join this beta? As far as we’re aware, participation is very limited, but we do know that this beta test is now holding up the official release.

QuizUp Android was originally expected to release some time in January last month, but now it looks like the new schedule is set for the end of February instead.

Here is the latest word from the developers on when QuizUp for Android will be out, including confirmation that beta testing is already in progress:

We’ve heard plenty of feedback from frustrated Android users, especially from those who are under the impression of ‘how hard can it be to port the game to Android’?

Still though, there must be a specific reason why it is taking so long otherwise it would have been out by now. Let us know if you knew about this secret beta and even better – if you managed to get an invite.

Are you still desperate to play QuizUp on Android, or have you lost interest now?



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