PS4 1.61 update live

- Feb 18, 2014

The Sony PS4 1.61 update went live moments ago in the UK and United States, although by the time you read this article we are sure many other countries will be added to that list. It is not clear exactly what got changed, but that news will arrive in the coming hour.

Sony made the PS4 1.61 firmware update a mandatory install, so you will need to download the new version before playing online with your favorite games.

Most of Product Reviews readers tend to leave their console in standby mode rather than completely shut it down, so there’s a good chance you might already have the PS4 1.61 update downloaded once you turn back on.

From what we can tell so far, the new firmware is mainly to improve stability of the system and we haven’t yet spotted any major new features to our PlayStation 4. If you notice any changes, then feel free to leave a comment detailing what changed for you.

Did your PS4 1.61 update install without any problems, or if you have had issues then we would love to hear about them in the comments?

Some people have noted that you can now mute the PS4 camera, although it is believed that this change came with the previous update. There’s certainly a number of bugs needing a fix, like this one, but again we doubt it will be fixed in the latest firmware.

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  • NewPS4Owner

    Just bought the PS4 yesterday. Connected to my HDTV, no problem. Display was fine, I could see everything as expected. Downloaded and installed Update 1.61, PS4 rebooted, NO DISPLAY!!!
    The screen flashes intermittently with “grey noise”, punctuated with very brief flashes of the PS4 opening screen.
    The PS4 thinks it’s connected ok but clearly the display reveals otherwise.
    Swapped out the HDMI cable with other devices that are connected on the same system. The cables all work fine for everything BUT the PS4.
    Anyone else experience this?

  • Kelly B.

    I want the beavers to play with the squirrels!

  • John Martinez

    havent had anyproblems until the latest update. Have had rebuild desktop, re inirialize and re download patch twice. Lost my saves as well!

  • All

    When I press the ps home button on my control, it changes the output of my onkyo av receiver from game to blu ray

  • Aaron Camfield

    My ps4 wont even turn on now… light on console just goes white and screen flickers on and off. No picture what so ever.

  • Setupshop

    usb port dont work on my ps4 after the update

  • dennis

    Fyi you can use the ps4 web browser for youtube. if you use this URL

  • James Blackwell

    Great… ps4 is freezing every 2-5 mins now.

  • nick james

    My ps4 is now broken WTF!!!!

  • Matheo

    My upddate is not fixing, on my ps4, i made the download and install, but after this, its saying for release the download again, and again, and again!! Help me please!!

  • Josh101

    Nice, a PS4 patch, Second Assault and PS+ update today. I’ll be getting Street Fighter vs Tekken on Vita. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • Brandon S

    I want youtube for my ps4 dammit !

    • XTR3M3

      Just go to browser and type YouTube/tv for films and tv programmes n just bookmark the page

      • Brandon S

        Thanks, but I know about that. It glitches often on my ps4 though.

  • Guest

    i want youtube godammit !

  • Chris A

    BF4 multiplayer progress completely gone. Is this normal?

  • gentlemanelite

    Bf4 not connecting on multiplayer. Hate to love this game and the only reason bought ps4.

  • Zech king

    No issue at all