FIFA 14 Ultimate Team with Pepe Reina as striker

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2014

What happens when you participate in a FIFA 14 Ultimate Team match online, with a full team of goalkeepers? We have the answer to that very question, with a hilarious video from a regular FIFA 14 YouTuber.

The YouTuber in question is W2S, who set himself a challenge of winning an Ultimate Team match with goalkeepers, after recent criticism from other users in his previous videos.

The brave lineup chosen included the likes of Rogerio Ceni, Manuel Neuer and even Pepe Reina as a striker. Obviously, this video is just for amusement purposes, but you’ll be surprised to hear that the team can still compete.

Liverpool FC keeper Pepe Reina, now on loan to Napoli FC even managed to score a great goal, but ultimately the challenge was failed with a 4-2 defeat.

Watch the action for yourself and let us know if you have ever won an FIFA 14 Ultimate Team match using goalkeepers only.

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