Elder Scrolls Online leveling system tests patience

By Peter Chubb - Feb 18, 2014

If what we are hearing about the Elder Scrolls Online leveling system is correct, then it will test player’s patience because in order to reach level 50 it could take anywhere from 50 to 150 hours of gaming time. That is a huge amount of time to dedicate to one game, although people have put far more into Skyrim, and that does not offer the same possibilities as Elder Scrolls Online.

The amount of time it is taking people to level up while playing the beta version of Elder Scrolls Online varies because one gamer was said to have taken 144 hours to reach level 50, which is said to be around three weeks of gaming for a casual gamer.

However, other players have reached that level in far less time, with 70 to 80 hours for one and just over 50 hours for another. It does seem strange how some people are managing to level up faster than others, but then we guess that depends on how long it takes them to reach level 30.

Level 30 is an important milestone to reach because you gain speed at that kind of level and so leveling up further will come much sooner – well that’s the theory.

Getting to level 50 in Elder Scrolls Online has been cause for a huge debate, which can be seen on this Reddit thread. Upon reading a little further it seems that some players have reached level 50 quicker than others because they have skipped past some important features of the game, such as main quest lines and also dialogues. There is also the possibility that they skipped past some side content as well.

If you rush past certain aspects of the game you will be able to reach level 50 quicker, but if you are patient and play every part of Elder Scrolls Online, then the reward will be greater because you have worked much harder for it.

Thinking about buying and subscribing to Elder Scrolls Online, but still unsure if it is the game for you, then this video review roundup should help you reach a decision.

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  • Joseph

    This article highlights one of the major problems with todays MMOs and the entitled generation of players, complaining it takes to long to get to max level. Also Mr. Chubb, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking rumors and attempting to turn it into an article on the game.

    • Kazrath ThatsMe

      No kidding. Original WoW took quite awhile to level to 60 also. Especially when everyone was first starting out and had not optimized their leveling or had the support of a max level providing gear/consumables.

      One of the things that made me stop SWTOR was the fact that you hit max level in moments, fully epic’ed out in a blink of an eye then had nothing to do.

  • Delegator

    144 playing hours is three weeks of gaming for a casual gamer? So…playing 7 hours per day qualifies as “casual?”

  • Dex

    The time it takes to hit level 50 is not as important as obtaining as many “pts or skills”. You could be level 50 but have less skills than a 40, maybe even a level 30. Speed is not a benefit if your sipping beneficial skills.

    My concern lies within features like voice chatting (consoles), being able to inspect another players gear and skills in game before partying or grouping, taunting (for the tank) and eliminating pointless crafting and adding more meaningful crafting.

    I’m also hoping some company releases chatpad/keyboards that fit on the xbox one and ps4 controllers.

    Skill resetting or a better understanding of max # of skills.

  • Me

    Seems like you heard some things from some people but you didn’t play at all. This belongs in a chat room not a product review. It’s an opinion based on nothing.

    • Ben

      Exactly… I’ve heard from people who actually got past level 10, that questing improves dramatically and is actually a very fun experience.

  • MDS

    So it has a ton of content? awesome, can’t wait…

  • Clegane

    The longer it takes the better I’m happy that it will take that long, especially when you have to pay to play, I’m really excited aboot this game I’m waiting for PS4. Can NOT WAIT