Battlefield 4 server errors after Second Assault update

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2014

Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC expansion has now gone live, but it looks like the new Battlefield patch is also causing BF4 server problems on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well.

Everyone loves a new Battlefield 4 update, but obviously it’s not good when a new update actually prevents people from playing the game.

Although we’re assuming that most people can still get into a Battlefield 4 match right now on all platforms, other gamers are not having the same luck, with the standard ‘lost connection to EA server errors’ messages coming up as a result of installing the update.

Hopefully it’s just a sporadic issue caused by the sheer amount of BF4 gamers who are currently downloading Second Assault. These Battlefield 4 server down periods do not tend to last long which is good though, so let us know your situation at the moment.

Can you connect to Battlefield 4 servers at the moment or not? You’ll find the latest Battlefield 4 patch notes here on Battlelog.

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  • Chris

    I need help it. When i go to the multiplayer servers list nothing shows up. When i go to my history there are some servers but when i try to join one it tells me “the joined game is running an incompatible version.” any advice on how to fix this?

  • Justin barton

    Also when u go to search server nothing in the first slot so I go to history and pick from there

  • Justin barton

    I have xboxone and sometimes it just kicks me and takes me back to menu, other times ill join a match and pick my class recon, support, etc. None of my weapons , gagets, etc. Are there so I have to backout and start anotber match. My internet speed is as follows . Download is 50mbps to 100mbps, upload is 20 to 25 and ping is 70s. Cox internet tulsa oklahoma. And thos results are from x box one internet test.

  • Steve

    xbox one kansas city……My china rising is working good but I dont have any rank or upgraded weapons on the original maps.

  • Dylan

    Every time I start up Battlefield 4 on my Xbox 360 ever since the SA update, it always says that my account save is corrupt, but when I wait a seconds after the main menu loads, my stats are back. Also, it takes a minute or two for me to get into the game once I join the server, which it has never done before. Once I get into the server, the sounds just don’t seem to load all the way and I just don’t hear all the sounds I used to on China Rising and the original BF4 maps. And finally, my worst issue is that about 10-25 minutes into EVERY game, it says that my “connection to EA has been lost”. I hope EA and DICE fix this, or I’m going back to playing BF3, or worse, COD.

  • tcope

    Downloaded and installed SA. Friend and myself lost all progression/points. It was like starting all over again. No one’s ranks showed up either.

  • JL

    XBox 360 / Michigan / US / Premium member who had to wait for open release of maps because I won’t shell out $600 for XBox One yet. Joining servers was sporadic. Had to reset control options twice. Could join some games, not others. Finally gave up during a Caspian Conquest game that never reached full screen resolution e.g. invisible players with icons, low resolution vehicles, and invisible weapons/reticles. System locked up while waiting for the game to play out. XBox LIve authentication failed while trying to log out. I wound up doing a hard shutdown during a black screen.

  • totojtedimerd

    specify your country please (the NSA will find out anyways)

  • eqgpenguin

    No hardcore servers found except for China rising rotations. Thanks for the latest update brokenfield

  • pippin

    I’ve had issues with it not loading up with the weapons ive unlocked.

  • Johnny Gieler

    No problem on my XBox360

  • no problem but my rank is not where it should be.

  • Victor_Creed

    No problem here, PS4

    • Michael Owens

      Try now. I was the same, no problem. Today, first game. Lost connection to EA servers after 10 mins…. now there are NO servers showing up whatsoever.

      #brokenfield4 #abysmal

  • Tommyb3870

    No problem on Xbox One.