Walking Dead Episode 2 release hint with screenshot

By Matt Tran - Feb 17, 2014

The Walking Dead Episode 2 is just around the corner according to Telltale Games and a new screenshot has hinted at an imminent release. The zombie themed survival game based on the popular TV show has already had great success with episode 1, fans are now preparing for the newest episode to feast on.

The new screenshot was uploaded to Telltale’s official Twitter account and shows us an image of Clementine about to hammer a walker in the back of the head, quite literally. We can also see Luke in the background holding a machete, appearing to halt Clem’s attack on the zombie.

The image is a real teaser and does not give much away, the location looks unfamiliar but we can see what appears to be tracks and a possible mining shaft in the background. The image does confirm Luke’s return for the second episode however, not much else is known at the moment.

It is good news to see Telltale putting new content out as it would suggest that a release announcement and date should follow very soon. The release of episode 2 would match up nicely with the return of the TV series, which resumed last week with the second half of season 4.

Are you more excited for the episode 2 of the Walking Dead video game, or the new episodes airing each week on AMC?

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