Titanfall map list on Xbox One, PC rumor

While gamers get stuck into the Titanfall PC and Xbox One beta, it looks like the early test has uncovered some hidden details about the game. Specifically, it looks like we now have the final Titanfall map list on PC and Xbox One that will ship with the game in March.

As most of you are aware, Respawn has already given two of the map names away in the beta, those being the Titanfall Angel City and Fracture maps.

Now, some internal tinkering with the PC beta files has revealed some juicy information that most of you will be happy to find out early. Thanks to Reddit, it looks like the game will feature a total of 15 maps, as you can see in the list below:

– Angel city (Beta map)
– Fracture (Beta map)
– Colony
– Relic
– Airbase
– Boneyard
– Corporate
– Outpost 207
– Lagoon
– Rise
– Smugglers cove
– Overlook
– Nexus
– O2
– Training grounds

Lagoon and Smugglers Cove sound very exciting indeed and you have to say that this is a pretty healthy number of maps that will ship on the disc.

Don’t forget that more will obviously be coming via Titanfall DLC so there is going to be plenty of content available for those that are loving the mech action at the moment.

What is your reaction to this early Titanfall map list leak?



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