Talking Angela app warning with Snopes verdict

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2014

If you regularly download the latest iOS and Android games for your children to play, you may have been worried about a recent Talking Angela cat app warning that has been circulating online.

Claims are being made that the Talking Angela app is secretly collecting children’s personal information, but it looks like this app is the victim of a hoax that is completely untrue.

Even worse, it looks like the Talking Angela game has been accused more than once with claims of a similar nature. In actual fact though, downloading the Talking Angela app does not even show any signs that personal data is being collected, or magically find out what school he or she is going to.

Some consumers are still looking for answers though, and you’ll be refreshed to see that the Talking Angela app warning has reached as well. The website has provided this conclusion which also backs up the claims that this is nothing but a malicious online hoax.

“The truth is that “Talking Angela” appears to be entirely benign, and there are no obvious privacy concerns that differentiate it from thousands of other iPhone apps. Indeed, the “Talking Angela” app is no different from other similar popular children’s apps from reputable iOS developer Out Fit 7 Ltd, including “Talking Tom Cat”, “Talking Ben the Dog” and “Talking Gina the Giraffe”.

Another hoax trying to dupe users.

Another hoax trying to dupe users.

Experts over at Sophos have also labelled the Talking Angela app warning as a hoax. In actual fact, it’s obviously very damaging to the developers Outfit7, who have previously released other similar apps as highlighted above with no issues.

We suggest you take the time to read through properly what is being said about this app online first, before making any judgement and “following the crowd”. Talking Angela iOS and Android reviews are a good place to start we feel.

Have you been worried about the growing concerns about the Talking Angela app? If so, give us your opinions on this below.

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  • Ralohers

    The world will never be short of hysterical, gullible morons that will believe anything they read on Facebook. It makes me sad that some of you are even allowed to breed.

  • jeawieyfaeu8gh7dhgyf7e7sfgfyg

    god give us back 2pac well give u justin beiber

  • freaked out

    lets start a petition to get justin beiber to stay in america or africa but not canada

    • Andres Marin

      no Canada can keep him….

  • freaked out

    im scared

  • freaked out

    i saw blood around his bed the next day

  • freaked out

    i let my son on this app i neard screams in the middle of the night i never saw him again

  • eggt

    i let son get this app he got raped

  • eggt


  • eggt

    my anus

  • #freakingout

    this girl on istagram posted a video, she typed to angela illuminate and her back flash went on. then another girl posted a video where she asked whether angela had seen the movie frozen and her phone was frozen for arounf three hours.

  • freaked out girl

    she said ur quite an ugly human and she said show me ur feet wiggle them around.. i said can u see me? she says, does it seem like i dont?

  • Concerned Mom

    Please do some more research on this app before you misguide your audience. This is NOT A HOAX! My niece was asked by Angela what she can do with her tongue, does she go on dates, and other perverse questions! Are those questions for a child? How is that educational?

    • Jimmy_Jangle

      Ah the irony of idiocy, how about you do your research? Did anyone claim this app to be educational….?

  • Kim Bennett

    I just don’t know where peoples heads are these days when they find a joke funny that talks about a pedophile attempting to get information from their kids. Maybe its me but I don’t find anything funny in it. And people shouldn’t be passing it around.

    • Jimmy_Jangle

      It isn’t a joke per sé, more a bunch of misguided people with good intentions, little realising of the damage they’re causing to the company’s reputation, which, correct me if I’m wrong, could sue these people for libel.

  • Unconvinced

    In reading the Google Play Store description, I have the option of giving her “giggle juice” to make her giggle and act silly… kind of like getting her drunk. Doesn’t sound like an app I’d want my kids to play, but parents need to take the initiative, and read the descriptions of apps BEFORE downloading them for their children.

  • Christina L

    It says “All girls like to cuddle” while Tom cat spoons with Angela Cat. He also makes several attempts at grabbing onto Angela’s breasts and she slaps him. Not on in my house.

  • Hmm not sure

    Is it really benign? Have you read some of the stuff it comes out with according to App reviewers? “Curl up and die” Really? That’s ok for kids is it?