Pokemon X and Y Shiny Volcanion leak divides fans

We have already had the official confirmation from Nintendo that Diancie is finally on the way soon, but what about the future for the other two leaked Pokemon in X and Y regarding Volcanion and Hoopa?

Diancie is definitely coming, which means that the initial leak by Pokemon hacker Smealum was correct all along. That in turn means that Volcanion and Hoopa are real too and we are expecting to see official details by Game Freak and Nintendo soon – perhaps in future editions of Coro Coro to continue the recent unveiling of Diancie in the magazine.

For now though, we have something very interesting Pokemon X and Y news to share with you. Smealum has emerged out of the shadows once again after a period of absence following on from the initial Pokemon X and Y leaks.

He has unveiled an image on his Twitter account, followed by a confirmation that a Pokemon X and Y Shiny Volcanion can be obtained in the game.

However, as you can see from the image, it doesn’t look very shiny at all and we’re already seeing early feedback from fans who are a bit unhappy that the shiny design wasn’t handled with a little more glamour.

Smealum has told his followers that this color scheme is real though so we’ll have to get used to it. It’s obviously a significantly different look from the standard red design for the Pokemon, so we want to know what you think about it.

Volcanion's normal look.
Volcanion’s normal look.

Do you support Game Freak’s decision to give Shiny Volcanion a brand new design, assuming that this is real? As always, we’ll inform you when we have further evidence on these latest Pokemon X and Y rumors.



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