Nexus 7 won’t be discontinued for 8

- Feb 17, 2014

The love for Nexus 7 is crystal clear with users standing by the Android tablet after hearing rumors of a Nexus 8, along with some people claiming the Nexus 7 could even be discontinued when the new version hits a release date.

During January we looked at the practicality of Nexus 7 over a possible new Nexus 8 in 2014, although at the time we also made it clear that it would be better to release an 8-inch and 7-inch Nexus tablet rather than discontinue the current size.

Nobody wants Nexus 7 discontinued

Support for the Nexus 7 – Android tablets come in a massive range of sizes, brands, and with diverse features but some people stick to one brand over all the others. The Nexus 7 is that tablet for many of Product Reviews readers and there’s no doubting how strong the 7-inch market appears to be.

We have seen a lot of support for the redefined 2013 Nexus 7 “I love my 7-inch Nexus, its price, the battery life, and I have a Nexus 4 phone for my perfect mix. I would hate to see the Nexus 7 discontinued for a bigger Nexus 8”, said one PR reader. Another commenter gave their view, “Adding an 8-inch Nexus makes more sense than discontinuing the Nexus 7, I love mine and it is the ideal size for us”.

Do you agree that Google won’t discontinue the Nexus 7 after seeing how much support users give it, or are you open to options with an innovative Nexus 8 tablet?

In our opinion, the Nexus 7 size is ideal for most people and a Nexus 8 should be considered if it can launch with a bigger screen but almost the same form factor by using an edge-to-edge display. This way you still get the easy to hold tablet, although packing more screen real estate.

We will update our readers the moment official news lands from Google, so for now leave a comment below with why you love Nexus 7 or even why you think a Nexus 8 would be better.

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  • matt

    I have done my comparison shopping and for me it comes down to three tablets that are in the seven to eight inch catagory. The iPad mini, the kindle hdx, and the nexus 7. Each of them have pros and con’s but it comes down to what world you want to live in. The apple, amazon, or android/Google. Because I value flexibility to do what I want the nexus is the best. It allows me to be in both amazon and google world depending on my wishes. The other two are locked in to their markets. Of all the Android tablets I think this is the best with the latest os and unlike my Verizon android phone free of manufacturing add ons and open to modifications that I choose to do to it. If Google has had bad sales it is definitely because they don’t advertise very well. This tablet has better software and hardware specs and half the price than most tablets. If Google wants to do an eight in then they should increase the screen space but not mess with the size. Unlike my wife’s ipad mini I can put this in my back pocket and go. I would not take this tablet for anything.

    • matt

      Sorry stupid word assist I would not trade this tablet for anything.

  • Disqus_n00b

    So is this a news article, or consolidation of user comments? Thanks for the clickbait

  • Fabian Taveras

    I love my nexus 7 its an amazing tablet the size gives such a portability factor the fact you can just put that in your pocket no problems is just pure win. I use my nexus overall for entertainment purposes like most would my three things I use nexus for is
    1. Gaming
    2. YouTube/internet
    But to explain why the nexus 7 didn’t sell well is very easy to explain Google sucks at advertising PERIOD. Like how do you expect to make profit with such an amazing device when your all hush hush about it like I can’t remember the last I time I saw a nexus 7 commercial on TV. If Google had better advertising they would give apple a run for their money easily

    • lisa effendi

      agree, I,ve never seen their advertising in Indonesia and I have no idea where to buy these amazing device in Indonesia, come on Google!

      • Nelson

        i sell nexus 7 32 gb lte in indonesia BNIB (with color option black / white) just reply if you are interested 😀

  • lwood

    Just got the Nexus 7 after I heard the 8 was coming out because I love the 7 form factor. I say keep them both.

  • Sepehr

    I really like my nexus 7 , and the size is really comfortable, easy to carry and put in pocket, the battery life is really good. I think nexus 8 would be just a negative point in aspect of size cause it won’t be really comfortable to keep in one hand in comparison with nexus 7. it would just collapse the rank of nexus 7

  • Nick Hogan

    I fail to see the logic of the move to an 8 inch screen, as that described by market saturation at the 7 inch range by Google. The 7 still can’t be beaten, and the next big thing will probably push down the 7, putting in the hands of more to appreciate what a really good piece of kit it is, which is no bad thing for all concerned.

  • JLC

    Love the 7. Would only be interested in an 8 if overall dimensions didn’t increase.

    • José A. Medina

      I actually liked the LG g pad gpe, i wish they use the same form factor.
      The only that keeps me away from the Nexus 7 are those giant bezels, but overall its a great tablet