Minecraft PS4 akin to PC version

- Feb 17, 2014

It is clear that the Minecraft developers are still focusing on fixing bugs rather than developing the game on new platforms like PS4 and Xbox One, although the real debate lies with how much better a next-gen console launch would be than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version.

The power of Minecraft PC reveals what’s possible with this game and some people claim, “PC is the only way to play Minecraft”, but this feeling might be due to seeing the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.

Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One akin to PC version – last month, 4J Studios published a tweet that cleared up what their priority was and you can see that tweet here if you missed it. In a nutshell, they are working on fixing Minecraft PS3 problems and then developing TU14 before thinking about “other platforms”.

Some Product Reviews readers made it clear what they want to see with next-gen consoles “The PS4 version will need an unlimited map like PC, not a small one like PS3”, said one fan considering a future PS4 purchase. Another added, “The next-gen versions will match the PC release closely, to re-release it on Xbox One and PS4 with a similar sized map and features wouldn’t really make sense”.

Minecraft PS4 akin to PC version

The bottom-line is gamers are waiting with money in their hands to purchase Minecraft on PS4 and Xbox One, if the game is developed akin to the PC version. It would only make sense to release Minecraft on the new consoles if it delivered a lot more compared to PS3 and Xbox 360, so this is exactly what we expect to happen once the current issues are fixed and work on TU14 is done.

What’s your wish list for Minecraft on PS4 or Xbox One? Would an unlimited map like PC be enough, or do you have a lot more ideas?

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  • alexia

    I love u

  • alexia

    I like this game because it is made out of blocks and because you can create your on stuff like houses,fountains,and animal farms…….:)

  • Scott Hannah

    I like to see not only an unlimited map but other stuff the ps3 lacks like horses, online servers for hunger games etc. and i dont want to add random people as friends on ps3 just to let people try my maps

    • j

      Tell friends to play then! or force them!!