MGS V Ground Zeroes: 1080p PS4, 720p Xbox One

Last week we shared some opinions on the inevitable Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4 Vs Xbox One debate, after Konami allowed some gamers to get an early preview on the game over in Japan. Now, the jokes are put to one side as Konami has now released official comparison information for the game.

We are very surprised to see that Konami has taken the excellent decision to go public with the details that gamers are wanting to know before dropping their money on the game.

Resolution and other information are often deemed as very sensitive for other developers and publishers, but not Kojima and Konami it seems.

On the Konami website, we can see a confirmation that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will be 1080p native on PS4, but only 720p on Xbox One.

On top of that, Konami has gone ahead and posted MGS V Ground Zeroes PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics screenshots, as well as additional screenshots on top comparing PS3 and Xbox 360 versions with their next-gen counterparts.

The confirmation of 720p on the Xbox One version of the game was to be expected, so we have a feeling there will be less shock than the reaction which we saw with Call of Duty Ghosts.

It does however continue the worrying trend of Microsoft’s next-gen console not being able to output games at a native 1080p resolution. Head over to Konami’s website for the full package and give us your reaction to this.

We really hope other developers follow what Konami has done here and fully disclose this kind of information for their games before releasethere really is no point hiding this information away.



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