iOS 8 update hopes for iPad 2

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2014

Apple may be staying silent on their iOS 8 update for 2014, but many consumers will be expecting the update to come towards the end of the year. One debate has started though, on whether Apple will decide to give iPad 2 users an iOS 8 update, after strong rumors suggesting that the iPad 2 will be officially discontinued later this year.

We told you last week on Valentine’s Day about rumors suggesting that the iPad 2 was due to get the chop. Remember that the iPad 2 was released as far back as March 2011, but more importantly – it was a tablet that did not come with a Retina Display.

Apple instead offered a Retina Display with the iPad 3 and cut the price of the iPad 2 in the process. Until now, it has continued to receive official updates from the company but this may be set to change with the arrival of a possible iPad 5 or iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.

As of now, you can still enjoy the latest version of iOS 7 on the iPad 2, which is iOS 7.0.4. We’re also assuming that iOS 7.1 will be supported if and when it arrives at the rumored March period.

Is the iPad 2 on its last legs?

Is the iPad 2 on its last legs?

iOS 7.1 on the iPad 2 could turn out to be the last major update though, if Apple decides that software performance on iOS 8 with the iPad 2 is deemed not worthy enough for public release.

It is obviously still up in the air at the moment, but definitely worth considering if you are a happy iPad 2 owner.

Will you be surprised and disappointed if the iPad 2 iOS 8 update doesn’t happen, or do you see this as a natural and ‘expected’ change by Apple?

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  • Tim Calwell-Browne

    IPad 8

  • Funfair

    Let ipad 3 go to ios 8 pls

  • Dutch

    Apple just wants money so no it won’t be supported with ios8. I honestly hope so because I’m using my iPad 2 right now to post this comment.

    • Rowan

      if the iPad 2 does get iOS 8 (which it should do, because it has the same CPU and RAM as the iPhone 4S and iPod touch 5th gen which will both get iOS 8), it will be the first device to get 5 major releases of iOS (4.3, 5, 6, 7, 8)

  • Joseph F Beato

    Ios 7 IPad 2 Ipad mini iPod touch 4S Iphone 4
    Ios 8 IPad 3 IPad mini IPod touch 4S IPhone 4S
    Ios 9 IPad 4 IPad mini retina display IPod touch 5G Iphone 5 5c
    Ios x Ipad air ipad retina iphone 5s

  • GFHardy

    Here’s my guess as to the last iOS updates the devices will get:

    iOS 7: iPad 2 | iPad Mini | iPhone 4
    iOS 8: iPad 3rd | iPad Mini | iPhone 4s
    iOS 9: iPad 4th | iPad Mini Retina | iPhones 5, 5c
    iOS X: iPad Air | iPad Mini Retina | iPhone 5s

    What are your thoughts?

    • jord

      uhm ipod touch?