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Game Dev Tycoon DLC update desire on PC

If you are a fan of game simulators, one game that may take your interest is Game Dev Tycoon. Unlike the typical rollercoaster and family-orientated games that we have seen in the genre, Game Dev Tycoon offers a new spin on the genre by giving you the task of setting up your very own game as a small developer.

It’s not a new game having been released back at the end of 2012, but has since found new popularity with gamers after its release onto Steam.

It’s also a game that has received great feedback from critics, currently standing with a pleasing Metacritic rating of 69, with a user rating of 7.8.

As good as it is though, we do have some disappointing news for those of you who have picked up the Steam version recently and were expecting to see some Game Dev Tycoon DLC.

It turns out that there is no DLC at all planned for the game, as confirmed by the developers themselves, over on the official FAQ for Game Dev Tycoon. Even worse, Greenheart Games have also said that there are no other major updates planned for the game either.

It is surprising to hear that one of the most popular PC games in the sim genre won’t be getting updated further in 2014? If you have been playing the game recently, give us your reaction to this.

Feel free to offer suggestions for DLC to make your voices heard.



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