Final Fantasy 7 PS4 remake discussed in 2014

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2014

Have you given up hope on the Final Fantasy 7 remake dream yet? The last we heard on this mythical entity was in 2012, but again we are hearing talk on a Final Fantasy 7 remake in 2014, the two years later from the director of the classic PlayStation 1 game.

Final Fantasy 7 is obviously a game that still sits very deeply in the hearts of old school gamers everywhere. To most, it’s still the finest RPG ever created and easily the best Final Fantasy game to release in the series history – with arguably no game coming close since.

After the debatable Final Fantasy 13, questions have continued to be asked about Final Fantasy 7 and this week we again hear words from Square-Enix director Yoshinori Kitase on the possibility of the fabled game ever becoming a reality.

When speaking to Eurogamer recently, hear is what Kitase had to say on new demand for a Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4:

“I can honestly tell you I would love to do that. If you simply ask me if I personally would like to do that, yes I would. Definitely. There’s no lie about it. But you must believe me when I say it would take a lot to happen.”

While that is certainly a lot more optimistic from Square-Enix on the likelihood of this ever happening, Kitase did go on to suggest that Square-Enix would require a lot more resources by way of staffing and finances to make it a reality.

If Kitase were to green light the project, he would also say that it would be the biggest game he has ever worked on and that it would be his ‘life’s work’ in the balance.

It sounds to us that another petition needs to happen, or that gamers need to rally around and send the message to Square-Enix that this game still needs to come out one way or another.

The thought of Cloud and co running around on PS4 hardware still makes our heart beat with excitement every time. Let us know your thoughts on the fact that a remake is still being discussed.

Would you still pay a lot of money to see a Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4?

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  • Cloud strife

    They need to make a new great FF game first that would bring in new and old fans back into the franchise. I don’t want them to remake it and the soundtrack is totally different and has dubstep or something dumb like that.

  • Holeybartender

    If only I were a millionaire…

  • Mike White

    And on PS 4 only. Because lets face it Xbox one can’t hang with the big boys ( PlayStation 4 )

  • Mike White

    I think Square-Enix, will do final fantasy 7 over again. Want to know why ? It may take more resources to redo the game in hd. However need i remind Square-Enix of the profit they would receive. In my eyes the only final fantasy that comes remotely close to FF7, is final fantasy 3. Which was released on the Super Nintendo. All we need to remind Square-Enix is that they will have fun doing it.

  • cleric20

    PS4 exclusive FFVII… game over for Xbone

    • NgTurbo

      I have a feeling that Square-Enix wouldn’t want to miss out on those XB1 sales. They have shown that the Sony loyalty in the past means very little now.