Edible new 3D Ford Mustang

By Marlon Votta - Feb 17, 2014

When it comes to 3D printers some may still remain sceptical about how quickly this technology is evolving as we rarely see too much evidence of the disasters that have been produced. With this in mind, we are intrigued about the different materials that can be used and like the idea of an edible Ford Mustang.

Below this post we have embedded a video that not only shows some the edible 3D printed products in the shape of the new Mustang, but this also gives us a tiny bit of insight into the motor from Ford.

The video lasts nearly 2 minutes and shows how the teams behind 3D Systems joining up with Ford to create the first-ever miniature 3D-printed plastic, chocolate and sugar candy of this new car.

Edible new 3D Ford Mustang

This all-new prototype that creates miniature 3D-printed chocolates of the new Mustang can be seen in the video highlighting the layers of sugar and water that eventually come together to produce what looks like a toy of the real thing.

While the models look rather appetizing some may feel quite guilty devouring one of these custom made models, but it does give us more confidence in the use of 3D printers and the materials that can be introduced. Would you like to see more 3D products being made out chocolate and food products in the future?

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