Ditching GTA V for Watch Dogs

- Feb 17, 2014

The idea of ditching Grand Theft Auto V for Watch Dogs seemed impossible a few months ago, especially considering the following GTA V has along with how amazing the game is, but it seems some things have changed for certain gamers.

For starters, Watch Dogs will see a release on PS4 and Xbox One while GTA V hasn’t had any such confirmation to date. With that said, the amount of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners is obviously far greater than just next-gen consoles considering they have only just released.

The real reason some want to ditch GTA V for Watch Dogs – in the past couple of weeks we have reported news on both Watch Dogs release date and having faith in the GTA V 1.11 patch for Heists.

Thanks to the GTA V 1.10 update lacking new features gamers wanted, it looks like some people are threatening to leave the game for Watch Dogs if their desired new feature isn’t introduced. This is exactly how a number of our readers feel, as seen in this comment “I might drop GTA 5 and play Watch Dogs when it launches, the game company takes too long to release DLC like Heists and vehicles like the Rat Loader”. Another added, “Why do they keep holding back the DLC we all really want, I love GTA V but this is getting too much. Watch Dogs looks fresh and I only have time for one game, so hurry up with that DLC Rockstar”.

Of course it is clear why some PS4 and Xbox One owners won’t be playing GTA V. “I had to sell my PS3 to buy the PS4, it is a little upsetting as I didn’t play GTA 5 anywhere as much as I wanted to. I really hope at least a PS4 port releases in 2014, I so want to play it on my new console. To then, I will be playing Watch Dogs”.

Personally, Watch Dogs will never replace GTA V for us but it will temporarily if the PS4 or Xbox One don’t see a launch anytime soon. We’ve pretty much jumped onboard the next-gen console train, and find it hard to step back onto very old hardware after having a taste of something new.

What will make you play Watch Dogs rather than Grand Theft Auto 5?

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  • Daniel D. Lopez

    Reasons I think this game will perhaps be better than or just as awesome as GTA V(albeit the fact I never played them 😉 ):
    -Gameplay with “Shock and Awe” takedowns and actual parkour
    – Storyline
    -Play a GOOD GUY
    – Shooting cops in the kneecaps actually puts them down for the count, non-lethally.
    – Person of Interest with Ubisoft’s spin on things!

    Reasons I’ll buy GTA however:
    – More fluid gameplay
    – Just all out fun
    – In the words of Rhino, from Bolt: “STEALTH MODE…;-)”

  • Eric David Tippett

    I think we’re all playing the beta and the real online with come out when they re release this on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

  • Steve0

    Talking about a game that hasn’t even came out what if it’s a major let down as well get a brain

  • brazen223

    Darksouls2 ps3 nuff said. Why sell when games of this caliber are still on the horizon.

  • justerthought

    Wow selling your PS3 to buy a PS4 is a desperate move. I’m glad I wasn’t that short of cash. Unlike all other generations, the PS4 does not make the PS3 obsolete. The PS3 still has great games and is an awesome multimedia player.

    Regarding GTAV. I desperately want this on PS4, so I’ve stopped playing it on PS3 so it will be fresh again when it arrives. I hope the fact that they are slow with the DLC and bug fixes, means they are spending their time making the PC and PS4 ports.

    I quite like the idea behind Watch Dogs and will probably buy it on PS4, but I was really disappointed by the gameplay videos released just before they delayed it. The graphics and clarity were not a patch on GTAV’s standard. I hope the delay was to fix that.

  • Aragon Speed

    The main reason I’ll be playing watchdogs and not GTA V? I own a PC not a console.

    • Bob lee

      Here we go with this bull,nobody asked what you owned,lame attempt at a console bash,what are you 11 years old? One thing you clearly don’t own..maturity!

      • Aragon Speed

        Actually it was just a statement of fact as I have no preference either way.

        However, as that was my first comment on this site and I was treated so rudely by someone who obviously was never taught any manners, It shall also be my last.

  • tom

    Oh and def lookin forward to playing watch dogs lol

  • tom

    R* f#%*ed it up already…so many player have left gta and will not be returning even with heists…now they gonna need more than just heists to give gta players….and if they try charging for it too they might aswel throw their own game in the bin

    • justerthought

      I agree, the multiplayer coop heists were promised as part of the game before release. We bought it thinking they were included. They were not there, so if they charge for DLC heists, I’m not buying them.

  • Aiden Pierce

    People should definitely trade GTA V in for this game, the lead character for Watch Dogs is awesome!

    • Yves Guillemot

      Couldn’t agree more Aiden. If you pick up the game make sure you get some of our Whale Cards, they help you unlock things quicker in the game! Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is also worth buying, but not second hand!

  • johnny250799 .

    GTA V will win against Watch Dogs. Because of all the open world, character switching, going off all the stunts of Los Santos, and the other fun things in the game.

    • blaze

      It will not because watchdogs will have a better open world gameplay and since it features hacking it’ll definitely be better

  • Eric Caraballoso

    I hate to admit it but GTA V was overhyped, and I helped feed that hype with friends and online. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game with a nice long story, great visuals for its generation, and just great gameplay.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but seriously what happened to the heists? We can forgive R* for the dysfunctional online mode, the app not being released on android in the first 2 months, the market exchange not working, and maybe all the money hacks that almost make online boring.. But no heists in 4 and a half months of online? That’s 140 days of going “I hope they release it tomorrow.”

    It’s obvious this game wasn’t ready when it released, and it released at an awful stage inbetween generations of consoles, and you can’t change that. But sadly, these issues are going to make people stop playing GTA V.

    Watch Dogs is a beautiful looking sandbox game that adds a new element: hacking. You can shoot, drive, rob, and run over people just like in GTA, plus you can hack the city. The timing of this game will relieve the issues people had with GTA. It has a unique multiplayer that doesn’t promise anything yet so gamers won’t be let down.

    Any GTA fan who knows anything about this game is going to want to play it. And it’s available on both 7th and 8th gen consoles. That’s what will make people drop GTA for Watch Dogs.



      • Eric Caraballoso

        I wish disqus had better moderation and got rid of trolls like this.

    • justerthought

      The GTAV single player delivered on all the hype as promised, but the GTA Online failed miserably. You spend far to much time waiting in load screens that break immersion by taking you out of the open world. There seems to be a really nasty overtone prevailing the online game world because it allows annoying %ssh0les to be annoying %ssh0les.

      You could foresee that problem when they allowed you to purchase in game money with real money, so you get virtual muggers robbing real money within the game. That crossed the border between a game and reality for me. I soon started banking my money from the mobile phone when I started getting shot by snipers camping by cash machines or mission end positions, only to find them running in to grab the money from your dead body.

  • I have both a 360 and an Xbox One. I will jump to Watch Dogs when it’s released. GTA Online is getting stale. The game could be much more fun if R* stopped trying to force us to buy their overpriced shark cards every step of the way. They’ve all but killed online with their greed and stupidity.

  • derp

    Watch Dogs because of no PS4 port for GTA.

  • Francis Jairam

    I am getting Watch Dogs but I will still keep GTA 5 because I don’t want to miss out on any content

  • dongwu23

    i’m ready for watch dogs .