Xbox One update features lack surround sound still

By Peter Chubb - Feb 15, 2014

The latest Xbox One update (6.2.10542) was expected a few days ago, but hours before it was due to be released Microsoft announced its delay for a few days. However, you will be happy to know that the latest Xbox One patch has started to roll out, and so we ask that you be patient until the new firmware makes its way to your region.

In the build up to the release we had no idea what the new Xbox One update features would be, but thankfully Microsoft has listed all the features and a summary of what they will bring here.

One feature is still missing though, and that is surround sound. It seems as though Microsoft is not quite ready to offer surround sound support for the Xbox One just yet, although we expect it will be included in the March update.

Okay, so we know you can plug your headphones into your home theater system for surround sound, but not when connected directly into the Xbox One itself. This has led owners to ask just how hard it can be to offer headphone surround sound support?

We’ve had several responses to this over the past few days and it seems that the Xbox One is unable to handle uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1. Let’s just hope that Dolby compressed support comes in the next update because it is starting to annoy some Xbox One owners now.

What new feature are you most happy with? Also, have you experienced any issues with this latest Xbox One update?

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  • JR

    This has been a major bone of contention since day one. I’ve played my One games for a total of maybe 10 days because of this, resorting back to my 360 catalog. Even the Titanfall beta, while fun, was obviously deficient without surround. If Microsoft doesn’t get this sorted out soon, I’ll sell my One and convert to PS4.

  • Maverik256

    While i have optical running from tv to surround sound normally is when issues arise because dts support works only with direct optical and not through hdmi to optical. so i have to switch optical to xbox one no problem there suround sound DTS sounds good. But wait i want to play 360. no i have to switch optical cord back to TV easy answer is to bu anoth cable but i shouldn’t have to the 360 supports surround over hdmi then its output over optical to the surround sound but if i leave it in the tv for xbox one my cable and xbox one both only have 2 channel stereo so i switch it back not hard just inconvenience really. it suprises me that people have dolby only as my surround is over 5 years old and supports the dts and dolby settings. sounds awesome

    • Maverik256

      sorry about grammatical errors in advance

    • mike

      Maverick I don’t know what you’re talking about Xbox one supports surround over hdmi and most people can’t use DTS because they are using surround sound headsets like turtle beaches or Astros which only do Dolby

      • Maverik256

        My surround does not support hdmi in only out. It has optical in which works fine if straight from one to receiver but that means my 360 has no sound so I run it from tv out to receiver. That means my one has two channel sound it’s just a pain to switch it. Once it’s fully supported it will. Allow surround over hdmi to my tv then out from tv over optical to receiver. This works with 360 but not the one. MS failed to realize we have other things running on surround not just the one. You can’t just have yours box one plugged in only.

  • MK x Clutch

    You’re such a disgusting tool, author. It was announced 2 months ago the February update wouldn’t bring surround sound, but the March update will.

    Have fun taking shots at a console all day you tool.

    • Killingfetish

      Where was that stated? I’ve been trying to find confirmation it would arrive with the March update and have been unable. Thx in advance.

  • Carlton E Chase

    Yep. I have been complaining about this from the get go. I can’t believe this was not one of the FIRST features added. Some people have systems that support DTS, but the majority out there have Dolby systems. What on earth was Microsoft thinking? Dolby should have been a priority over a battery indicator. When I am watching a bluray, and it is playing in 2 channel stereo, it is not the controller battery I am thinking about. 😉 All other features I could wait patiently for. But I don’t think Microsoft realizes how big of a deal Dolby is for most people! The “centerpiece” of my entertainment system, The One, is the weakest piece! Here’s to hoping they deliver in March. It should have been there right out of the gate.