PS4 spanks Xbox One in early 2014 sales

By Matt Tran - Feb 15, 2014

In the continued battle for next gen console dominance, the PS4 has spanked the Xbox One in early 2014 sales. Overall Sony’s machine has outsold Microsoft’s globally so far and the PS4 has reportedly sold double the amount of units compared its rival in January.

Whilst overall game sales for hardware went up, software went down and the PS4 re-asserted its power over the Xbox One after losing out in December sales. What makes this battle between Microsoft and Sony interesting is that the Xbox platform sold more games than the PlayStation platform, but the PS4 sold more hardware and software compared directly to the Xbox One.

The NPD Group has posted a monthly report which indicates that for every Xbox One Microsoft sold, the PS4 sold 2 units. Neither company has published their monthly sales figures yet but Sony confirmed they had sold double the amount Microsoft had. When approached on how many Xbox Ones they sold in January, Microsoft declined to comment which could be a bad sign for them.

Reports on Venture Beat have suggested that the PlayStation 4 recently sold 280,000 units, where the Xbox One did indeed sell almost half as much with 145,000 consoles. The PS4 also sold more games than the Xbox One did, however across all platforms Microsoft sold more software than Sony. This is because the most games are still being bought on the Xbox 360, which shows some promise for Microsoft in some form.

Are you surprised at the way the next generation console war has been largely in Sony’s favor, which device did you buy?

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  • Brendo

    Game selection is far better on Xbox One. The voice commands with Kinect are excellent, especially with TV. I have a PS4 and it is collecting dust.

  • RoadShow

    It’s 5.3 million units from Nov. 15th to February 8th. 62,353 per day and doubling xbox in their home turf stronghold the US market.

    Xbox simply sucks in every measurable way. Yes it’s fun. I’ll say it’s just as fun as playstation but you really have to ignore everything PC, Nintendo and Playstation offer in order to not feel scammed and ripped off by xbox one.

    Exclusives, exclusive content, features, hardware, price, quality, accessories, entertainment – everything xbox loses.

  • NosMan Jason

    I won’t buy a xbox one due to it’s lack of playing xbox 360 games. That’s just lame

    • RoadShow

      Meh, not really a good reason. I agree backwards compatability is awesome. Sony invented it on consoles with the PS2.

      PS Now is a decent way to get backwards compatibility but I want to know more about the price. I hope that at least some small part will come to current PS+ subscription. Even if it’s just like 1 free rental a month or something.

  • chris markham

    Its not madatory, you dont have to turn it on….and no im not a fan boy, I own a PS4

    • Jacob Kral

      It’s mandatory because you can’t not buy it.. I bet money that if Microsoft announced a kinectless version that instead came with a second controller and 6 months of live, it would far far outsell the default one. That or go for the no brainer of a kinectless version for $425 instead of 500.

      Nobody really gives a f about it’s TV or voice features. Their suspicious push for voice and camera access in our homes, especially shortly after major NSA revelations, has scared or offended many of us away..

      I was 84% 360, 15% PC, 1% ps3 last gen.. but this time I’ve got no place for Microsoft’s new products in my home, even they were free.

    • Dan Vincent

      It’s mandatory you pay for it.

      • RoadShow

        you beat me to it.

        It’s not mandatory you have it on…but if you don’t want the POS you still have to pay for it.

  • Dan Vincent

    MS. How’s that mandatory camera working out for you..,,