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Microsoft Office for iPad to launch soon

Last year it looked like it may never happen, but we’re pleased to give you a great update on the Microsoft Office iPad release date status. It now looks like an iPad version of Office is back on Microsoft’s radar and we could now see the software release sooner rather than later.

It’s no secret that Office for iPad has been one of the most highly anticipated software release among consumers, but also one of the most high profile apps never to release as of yet.

The deal looked to be all but dead and buried towards the end of last year, but now we are hearing that the Office for iPad release could be prioritized above Office for Windows tablets.

Remember that the iPad version of Office is going to be designed with touch input in mind. It would be an interesting change if Microsoft are putting the iPad release ahead of their own, but obviously it would also make sense from a business point of view with the iPad in the hands of so many business-orientated consumers.

Some whispers from Zdnet suggests that the new iPad Office release timeframe will happen in the first quarter of 2014. Then again, we have heard plenty of speculation before with no real substance from Microsoft.

Are you a consumer who has been waiting for iPad Office for months? Give us your thoughts on the delay and on Microsoft’s release strategy.



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