GTA V 1.11 faith in Heists

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2014

Rockstar may have released the highly anticipated GTA V 1.10 update just a few days ago, but it didn’t bring the heavily anticipated GTA V Heists and Casino content. Players may be starting to lose hope that it will come soon, but will Rockstar finally release the missing content with the next GTA V 1.11 patch?

As always, Rockstar has still managed to introduce a massive amount of changes to GTA Online compared to the GTA V 1.09 update. One of the most pleasing changes is the return of the Rat Loader, which we can already see many of you are very happy about.

Is it enough to keep you entertained though the longer we go without any hint whatsoever about GTA V Heists? Remember that players were originally promised Heists ‘shortly after launch’, but then obviously we entered a situation where earning money was made more difficult and a result, players started ignoring Rockstar’s cash cards and using money glitches instead.

Rockstar may have decided to put Heists and the Casino on a backburner until glitches are completely wiped out. We’ve seen with this 1.10 update that the most popular way of making money by using a duplicate car glitch has been fixed.

Now that this has been patched up, are Rockstar now ready to give in to the overwhelming demand and give everyone Heists once and for all with the GTA V 1.11 update?

Also bear in mind that Rockstar has already told players to stop asking about Heists constantly, so that will be in the back of their mind as well.

As we prepare to enter March, give us your thoughts on the fact that Heists is still unavailable in GTA V. Are you prepared to wait as long as possible, or are you already looking forward to playing other games, such as Watch Dogs?

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  • Joe Russell

    I’m about to give up on you rockstar games cause you guys have added the heights
    please add it soon

  • wolfsent

    If they’d open the world up like restaurants where you can get dressed up, and have dinner…also parties at your apartments…have shops where you can buy items to fix up your apartment as well…paint, furniture, paintings, etc….nightclubs where you can dance, mingle, drink, pick up on dates..etc…no guns allowed…bar fights yes but only 1 fight per character per 1 in game day where the bouncers fight you. If you lose to the bouncers or youre caught by the police and arrested, you post bail or serve time if you have no money.

    • eyeball paul

      You sound like a right sad act

      • wolfsent

        You sound as if your daddy didnt touch you enough and now youre pissed at the world. It is a fun game that people want to see more opened up…like your butthole…only without the stench of skeet and shame.

        • Rowan

          Lol @ the butthole reaction!
          I think it’s quite cool to have more small things to do like u said, restaurants, clubs, bars etc. It would make the game more like if u were with some ppl picking a place where to chill u know

  • HG25_SFOD

    They needed to release some good DLCs, not some clown and running around like crazy fags. I’m talking about good important fantastic DLCs like military dlc, heists packs, police dlc, and more like dog protection and train them.

    U see R* when I wake up everyday, I think about all that almost some people do. If y’all keep releasing some crazy dlc, it gets kinda worse just saying.

    Think about it rockstar. Pls

    • Aaron

      You say Heists Packs but it helps if they have a base first for Heist’s to add on some packs! Your other ideas are valid. But the recent updates/DLC have been good. Especially the bug fixing. 1 problem I found with the base game was cars reaction when you drove over curbs, the suspension movement was awful, but no its like it should be.

      • HG25_SFOD

        Ok, you mean all my ideas bad or good?

      • HG25_SFOD

        I meant heists dlc coming soon.

  • David Beckham

    I might as well ditch Gta 5 and play watch dogs this is because their game company take too too long to release DLC such as the heist and they keep delaying many other thinks such as vehicles like the [rat loader]

    • Brooklyn Beckham

      Dad’s right, even when the heists get here they’re going to be nerfed. $80k split 4 ways won’t get too many player excited. Seriously, they won’t sell Shark Cards if all the players are rich. Not everyone can afford them like me.

    • NgTurbo

      Mr Beckham, is it really you? 😮

  • Francis Jairam

    I am still looking forward to Watch Dogs but I will still play GTA 5.

  • I’m waiting for springtime to arrive. I’m going to plant a garden then sit back and watch the plants grow. That’s got to be more entertaining than GTA Online.

    • Colin Hay

      It will be way more satisfying too, do they sell Shark Cards at gardening shops?

  • Someone

    If heists doesn’t come out before Watch Dogs is released, then I’m ditching GTA 5 for Watch Dogs