Facebook Gender options for advertising not expression

By Peter Chubb - Feb 15, 2014

Facebook seems to hate the idea of two genders and so have introduced more than 50 new Facebook Gender options. The social networking service has added this new feature in order to offer more choices allowing better expression for people. However, when you watch the many reports on the news and read over the reviews, many of them seem to agree that it is more for advertising purposes.

While we know there are technically only two genders, male and female, Facebook believes that giving their U.S. users a greater choice by expressing themselves will be welcome as they understand that people have very different views on what gender they are – we’re sure the church will not see it that way.

Most Facebook users will not care about this because they are clear that there are only two genders, but Facebook felt the need to offer the choice to the minority of people this will impact.

It seems clear to most people that this new option has been implemented because it will mean better add targeting. We are sure in time more advertising will begin to show up, and now Facebook has been able to narrow down the demographic this will increase ad rates.

We are not being cynical here, this is something that has been discussed by several websites, such as The Federalist and The MediaPost.

Do you believe that Facebook has done this solely to allow users to express themselves better, or is it more likely to help increase revenue?

Have you changed your gender, if so what to? Or do you think it is completely wrong to class yourself anything other than male or female?

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  • Jacob Kral

    Since I am not delusional… No. I don’t really need any other options there.

  • Aaron

    There are only two genders , and whichever gender you were born into is the gender you will be for all of your life. All the surgery in the world isn’t going to change that as your outward appearance does not determine gender. You gender comes from you 23 pair of chromesomes, which cannot be changed.

    • Santana

      Sorry, but you and the author are wrong. A person’s sex is determined by their chromosomes. Gender, on the other hand, is not categorical but instead on a spectrum and fluid. Gender is determined by society and is simply a label we give to sort ourselves as such.