Cheesecake Factory lacks iPhone, Android app

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2014

How much do you love browsing the Cheesecake Factory menu? While consumers continue to be amazed by the quality of food that the restaurant offers, others are very surprised that there doesn’t appear to be any news of a Cheesecake Factory app for iPhone and Android.

Considering that most other rival food chains in the US now come with the standard and basic app for consumers to analyze their eateries further, it’s somewhat surprising that the Cheesecake Factory is yet to offer up an app for consumers to gaze over.

Demand for a mobile app has been high for many months now, but looking on the official website, we still see that there isn’t an option as of yet.

The best alternative at the moment is to simply head to the website and view the full menu, remembering what dishes you like before you make a move to the restaurant.


We can see that even Ruby Tuesday offers an app for consumers, allowing them to view a menu in advance and even make use of coupons and the latest offers that can be obtained via push notifications.

Is Cheesecake Factory missing out by not having a functioning Android and iPhone app in your opinion? Make your voices heard and let us know if you would like to see one released in 2014.

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  • Jacob Kral

    “While consumers continue to be amazed by the quality of food that the restaurant offers…..”

    Lolololol….. Cheesecake factory is laughably bad.

    • SubX

      Cheesecake Factory is awesome! All the food is great. Have eaten there many times and never had a bad meal or experience. Wil mist definitely be eating there again next time I am in their neck of the woods.

      As for an app? What for? It’s a restaurant! It does not need an app!