Apple boss causes employee to resign job

By Matt Tran - Feb 15, 2014

Working at Apple would certainly be considered a dream job for anyone working in the technology industry, you would think so wouldn’t you? Surprisingly an ex Apple employee has spoken out about how his nightmare boss caused him to resign his job at the company.

Designer Jordan Price has blogged about his experience on Medium’s Apple Daily, revealing how his insulting boss at Apple made him quit shortly after getting the job. Price managed to get an interview through an agency and expected Apple to test his skills to the limits, instead the team of 3 who interviewed him for less than an hour called to congratulate him the very same day. A fantastic start by the look of it.

Ecstatic at the news the developer celebrated and began preparing for his start date, once this came the inflexible working hours and team meeting disruptions started to become a problem. This was nothing however compared to Price’s nameless boss who would reportedly look down on many staff below him and constantly dished out personal insults shrouded as jokes to a majority of team members, who opted to ignore them.


The rude boss who is known as a producer within the Apple workplace, apparently made a habit of threatening Jordan with the non renewal of his contract if he did not complete certain tasks. The unprofessional behavior from Price’s boss did not stop apparently and so in the end the best course of action to the developer was to quit what had previously been his dream job.

Wiping his iPad data clean and leaving his work on the desk, Price drove home and never went back to Apple HQ. With Apple being one of the most prestigious companies in the world, it would be quite shocking if these claims are true. Price said he even took a big pay cut to get this job on his resume, no formal complaints were made against the Apple boss to knowledge.

Perhaps quitting was not the best course of action and the issue could have been resolved in HR meetings; however the message here is that you can still get unprofessional people within an ultra professional company. There are 2 sides to every story and it is unlikely we will hear Apple’s, what are your thoughts on this story, was Price right to quit his job?

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  • seen it b4

    Sadly there are many people like this abusive boss working for many of the most elite companies.
    It ,the power and prestige, seems to feed the arrogance of these individuals. As a rule reasoning with them or going to HR only makes the situation worse.
    The only action that can be taken is to use legal force or leave the company.
    A further FYI, after taking legal action you will not be thanked.

  • Ira

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
    I guess that’s what he did.
    He’s lucky he didn’t work under Steve Jobs.
    He wouldn’t have lasted even that long.

  • lamorpa

    What horrible writing. Run-on sentences. Usage, grammar and punctuation errors. Why did you publish this rough draft? What a mess.

  • Krzysztof Mazurek

    No job, salary is worth being insulted and terrorized. Bravo for leaving wicked place!

  • SubX

    Yeah he made a good decision. Why would you want to work for an arsehole that puts you down constantly? Screw Apple. Go work for a better company.

  • jason

    The bigger the company the more idiot bosses that think they ate better than everyone else there are. That’s just the way it is unfortunately.

  • Nudnick

    I bet that’s the role of the “producers.” It’s probably in the job description to be an ass hole to the workers. One of Job’s legacies.

  • Nosa

    Apple has nothing to explain… Many bosses are different and some wouldn’t waste time in letting you know that you are not doing what you are being paid to do…it sounds like he is a lazy worker…what do you mean “make me quit”…if you can’t take a cruel joke or a threat, maybe unemploye ment is a good idea

  • MOS

    Sad to hear that about Apple. Just a 1/4 mile down De Anza Blvd at Seagate, sits the worst boss I ever had. Don’t count on HR there to be as honest or ethical as you’d expect. The Valley has some great companies, but this is not one of them. If Apple similarly tolerates an abusive manager, they aren’t either.

  • MB

    Sometimes being unionized has its perks.