Ryse: Son of Rome reviews defended

By Matt Tran - Feb 14, 2014

Ryse: Son of Rome has had some tough reviews in the past and these have been defended by Microsoft and Crytek, who do not think the Metacritic system gives a fair overall reflection of the game. The developers have admitted that the reviews for Ryse were not as good as they wanted, but highlighted that lots of people still loved the game.

As the first main game used to showcase the Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome was designed specifically to look visually stunning. However because Ryse was one of the first games “out of the gate”, there were a lot of changes made during development to fit the console requirements, which was risky and required luck for success.

The constant changes to the game which were even being made daily, likely had an impact on the final result, which some critics have reflected in their reviews. Microsoft Studios head Mike Ybarra told OXM that it was hard to see the numbers with Metacritic, responding to the average reviews by also highlighting that the game has a 4 out of 5 star rating from customer feedback on sites like Amazon.

Whilst Microsoft and Crytek do not hide the fact that there are things they wish they could have done better, they are still very proud of it and are happy that gamers have been able to have a fun experience playing it.

What are your thoughts on Ryse: Son of Rome, did you love it or did you find it to be disappointing?

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