MGS5 Ground Zeroes PS4 Vs Xbox One opinions

By Alan Ng - Feb 14, 2014

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is almost ready for launch, with hardcore fans patiently awaiting the glorious March 18 release date. This week, lucky fans have had the chance to preview the game over in Japan and as a result we are already getting some feedback on the inevitable MGS5: Ground Zeroes PS4 Vs Xbox One showdown.

We still don’t have a final word on what the final Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes resolution will be on PS4 compared to Xbox One. PS4 owners are obviously expecting the game to be 1080p native, while Xbox One owners may have to once again deal with the fact that their version won’t be able to output at the same resolution.

As we wait for the official word from Kojima Productions, we bring you some feedback from those who have already played the game over in Nasu, Japan. Konami has been holding a special event in the country, allowing a very select number of gamers to play the game ahead of the March release.

You may be surprised to hear this, but there seems to be an overwhelming opinion, on the PS4 version being a lot smoother and impressive than Xbox One. Just take a look at what some gamers who have played the game on both consoles, are already saying:

Here is another one from another event attendee, which backs up this claim:

When asking the same user on potential resolution differences between the two versions, he is what was said on the subject:

Obviously the game isn’t out yet and a clear-cut Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes PS4 Vs Xbox One gameplay comparison is not available.

Until then, we can’t give the final verdict but at least this may give you a potential heads-up. As a result of these early opinions, are you planning to pick up the PS4 version or still going with Xbox One regardless?

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  • lubba

    You make a game to sell and make money. It makes no sense for dev to make comparisons and praise one over the other. You’re an artist trying to show your talent. If you can’t do a good on the Xbone, then you suck. Also you just llost millions inn sales because of this.

    • Nick Hunt

      There is only so much you can do with Xb1’s limitations. Until there is use of cloud there is really nothing Devs can do to make the quality match.Also its not the devs that are making the comparison but game testers that have played both. No one is saying the Xb1 version is bad just that it doesn’t match up to ps4 due to the console limitations. The devs aren’t magicians and they can’t make a game that is so asset and memory heavy as MGS 5 look the same on 2 consoles that have such a big disparity in hardware, not to mention that XB1 media features are such a hog on resources. It’s like complaining that Xb1 and Xb 360 or ps4 and ps3 version don’t look exactly the same and saying the devs suck for not being able to do so.

    • kaze343

      “If you can’t do a good on the Xbone, then you suck.”
      that isnt true. the way both systems run thru the whole display process is almost the same except one is slightly weaker, and to compensate for it, uses ESRAM to help boost. only problem is that its not enough to display and run at 1080/60fps. not when used in conventional ways. once people figure out ways to get the most out of it, then it may be different, but until then ps4 is going to be the “better” of two to get if you are looking for full HD and 60fps.

      • Aaron

        I think lubba is saying that Kojima isn’t dedicating enough development time to the xbox one version. It is being released on too many consoles for them to really learn about the new hardware. The PS4 seems to easier to get a grasp on at this point. Kojima is trying to make a lot of money, hence multiple platforms, therefore is turning out a sub-standard version of what xbox one can do. If the PS4 version looked little better, then I’d understand, but if it really looks way better, as some have said, then Kojima isn’t trying very hard. Or he just doesn’t have the time to give to make it better.

        Kojima sure is talking up the PS4 version, and there is also talk of a PS4 MGS5 console. That’s interesting…