Titanfall Xbox One Vs PC graphics

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2014

Some of you will have played the Titanfall alpha already, but for everyone else the action starts with the Titanfall beta on February 14. In the meantime though, we already have an idea on Titanfall Xbox One Vs PC graphics from the early tests and you may be surprised with the comparison differences between the two platforms.

Titanfall is easily the most anticipated game during the early stage of the year and excitement for the upcoming beta has reached fever pitch. Hopefully most of you will be getting beta codes in your inbox in the next few days, but you are definitely going to want to see the early verdict on Titanfall PC Vs Xbox One graphics.

It looks like there is a significant downgrade in graphics on the Xbox One version. We know it’s still alpha code and not representative of the final product, but the differences still need to be discussed either way you look at it.

We have a selection of comparison images for you to look at now courtesy of DualShockers, as well as some Titanfall PC Vs Xbox One gameplay which has been uploaded by the guys over at VG247.

'Next-gen' quality?

‘Next-gen’ quality?

Just look at one example here showing the differences in character models close up, Xbox One on the top, PC obviously at the bottom.

It doesn’t take a graphics expert to work out that the differences in textures between the two platforms are clearly visible to all. Remember that the final version on Xbox One could still look better, but is the wide gap in quality shown here worrying or not?

Another image shown here gives you an exact look of a typical environment in Titanfall, captured at the same time on Xbox One and PC. Again, there is significant differences in quality – just look at how sharp the weapon is on the lower shot (PC), compared to the same model on Xbox One.

Breakfast at Tiffanys is nicer on PC..

Breakfast at Tiffanys is nicer on PC..

Once again, this is just giving you an idea on how the graphics compare with the alpha. To really have a conclusion on this we would obviously need to compare Titanfall on PC Vs Xbox One once both games have shipped.

Watch gameplay footage of both versions below and let us know what you think about the differences. Is this an early warning sign on the Xbox One version in your opinion or not?

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  • Surge0116

    I played the alpha on the X1 and right before you pressed “PLAY”, the message on the right said that this version was only 25% of the max graphics that will be on the final product