Titanfall Xbox One resolution raises questions

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2014

We have some news for those of you thinking of picking up Titanfall at launch. We know that the highly anticipated Titanfall beta release date is February 14, but now we have a confirmation of the Titanfall Xbox One resolution based on the beta test.

The resolution of Respawn’s game has been a hot topic ever since the game was announced, especially after other Xbox One titles such as Call of Duty Ghosts were confirmed to be running at 720p only, compared to the same game on PS4 which is 1080p.

Now, we have confirmation from Respawn themselves, on the resolution in which the beta is running at. We can tell you that the Titanfall beta resolution has been capped at just 792p.

Respawn has promised that this statistic will be increased for the final version, although from what we are hearing it still won’t be 1080p quality, perhaps 900p as a final target.

Earlier on this week we showed you some Titanfall Xbox One Vs PC comparison screenshots with gameplay and it was clear that the Xbox One version was severely lacking in quality compared to PC which looked very impressive.

Does 792p for the beta worry you, or are you confident that Respawn will get it right before launch? Is 900p still not good enough in your opinion?

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  • seeafish

    This just in! XboxOne game runs at sub 1080p!
    Does it really surprise anyone?

  • obvious

    All that matters is a steady fps rate. No one in a shooter is going to stop and focus on small details.

  • marhorn

    No one commented on the last article…..cos we all know its not the finished product and your war mongering is nothing but detrimental to the entire video game industry! Either way….its still gonna look better than Titanfall on ps4…is that what your really butthurt at? awww…..dont worry….im sure ratchet and clunk will be out soon!

    • Grimwald

      Aww bless

    • william maguire

      Haha yeah enjoy shooting at bots lololololol you keep titanfail

    • Josh101

      Funny thing is, they worded exclusivity very sneakily. “Titanfall will be exclusive for the life of the title.” The inevitable “Game of the Year” edition is rated by the ESRB as a brand new game with a brand new SKU. I’m sure this version will make it to the PS4. Then again, you may think investing in a game that is online only at $60 is worth it, but those servers won’t stay up more than 3 years. What, with Call of Duty, Battlefield and Destiny? Yeah… That’s a horrible investment.

    • It’s sad. Click bait at its finest. Everyone jump on the resolution bandwagon !! Morons. The game runs at 60 fps and that’s perfect. If its at 900p then that’s great but 720p is fine. gameplay is what truly matters and this game looks incredible ! I agree with you wholeheartedly about it being detrimental to the video game industry. It’s so sad gamers completely went retarded and forgot that graphics never have made a game. It’s the gameplay and innovation that does it, and let’s be honest anyway, titanfall looks amazing. I played the alpha last month and even that looked great.

    • NotAnotherFPS

      Haha. Yeah, seriously butthurt for an online only FPS. There is such a lack of FPSs out there at the moment /s
      Not saying the PS4 has any good games yet, either, but another FPS? Really? The next game I’ll be getting is Dark Souls II, which isn’t even next gen. But, seriously, the XBone is is an absolute PoS. 900p for a straightforward multiplayer only FPS? Hahahaha. Love the way fanboys say resolution doesn’t matter, too.