Titanfall the catalyst for Xbox One take up?

By Matt Tran - Feb 13, 2014

Titanfall is less than a month from launch and the release could be the catalyst for a mass Xbox One take up. So far Microsoft’s next gen console has not quite revolutionized gaming as expected but arguably the first major Xbox One exclusive in Titanfall could change that.

Respawn’s first person shooter will be aiming to change the game somewhat, giving Xbox players a reason to upgrade their 360 to the One. Since launch the Xbox One has not delivered a must have exclusive title which essentially forces gamers to buy their new console, Ryse: Son of Rome is great but has not created a frenzy.

Titanfall’s success could have a huge impact on the near future success of the Xbox One, the bundle pack would look very inviting if reviews came back extremely positive. You can register for the beta now and get a taste of things to come ahead of the March 11th US launch, with Xbox 360 and PC versions to follow.


The advanced epic combat between man and machine on a next generation console looks a winner, even more so because of who is working behind the scenes. If you loved the early Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles then you should be excited about Titanfall as Respawn was founded by ex Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella, VG247 reports.

Whether we will see any old school Call of Duty inspiration in Titanfall is a mystery but there is no doubt it will be its own unique experience. We have already looked at the resolution of the game and have had confirmation of DLC already.

Do you think that if Titanfall is successful it will encourage more people to buy an Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments section.

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  • xp_kiler

    Oh yes I bought my x1 just for there exclusives like lococycle,killer.instinct plant vs zombie and most of all TITANFALL.sony wont see me conected anymore

    • FullProductSaturation

      Is this being sarcastic? You mention lococycle, so I’ll assume it’s sarcasm. West and Zampella have already killed the goose before it laid any golden eggs with the exclusivity deal. But no, I really don’t think an online only FPS will be a big game changer. If I were MS, I would have tried to get a game like Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 exclusive…then I would have to have a bought the overpriced, underpowered XBone. Another FPS? I can pass without losing much sleep…

      • xp_kiler

        huh fallout and witcher are deffenetly not my type of games. i like fun games goofy like lococycle and plant vs zombie garden warfre and fps. your a assasin greed type of guy . xbox 1 maybe under power but trust me u cannot see the difference and ps4 got to many lags, X1 none ,my ps4 loading up speed takes so long,friends,option,dont talk about downloads OMG.and now it comes down to the games MS got the cash to take all . xbox 1 give you so mutch stuff multimedia DLNA etc. i am a sony fan but im sorry ps4 IT ONLY DOES NOTTING. soon my ps4 gona join my 360 with R-KELLY trap in the closet lol