GTA V 1.10 update live

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2014

We have some fantastic news now as we can confirm that within the last few minutes, the GTA V 1.10 update on PS3 and Xbox 360 is now live. We knew that Rockstar were preparing the update for release soon, but we didn’t think it would go live right before Valentine’s Day.

Head into the game now and you will be prompted to install the new GTA V 1.10 patch. Unfortunately we don’t have the GTA V 1.10 patch notes for you just yet, but obviously they will turn up very soon and we’ll add it below once we have them.

We can tell you that the update is 56MB in size so it shouldn’t take you long to install at all. As always, we expect Rockstar to make some stealth changes as they always do, but hopefully it won’t affect money-making in GTA Online any further than it already has done.

Small update this time, what have you spotted?

Small update this time, what have you spotted?

The big question is whether Rockstar has managed to eliminate GTA V 1.10 glitches and cheats with the latest update. Time and time again we see videos from those players who have still managed to get around Rockstar’s security measures.

The GTA V 1.10 update notes will be live soon. Install the update now and let us know any major changes that you have spotted below – have you noticed any strange behaviour online?

Update: GTA V 1.10 patch notes have been released by Rockstar here, let us know what you think!

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  • …q

    My friends sold this game because of the hackers and theres no femmes hairstyles …

  • d

    Hi there when ever i try update it always says something like error service code:503? any help?

  • cute girl

    Also the dress …I hope all those boyish hairstyles for female character will be removed ..I would love to play with long hair ♡

  • cutegurl

    Please we need new long hair for online female characters hairstyles I wonder why the girls in online city has long hairstyles its frustrating me …

  • LOL

    It now appears on the left bottom corner how many friends are in GTA Online, and the mission notification fade in when they appear.

  • YungHigh611

    New weapons & vehicles

  • huntmo

    Not sure if tgis has anything to do with the update but i hit one armored truck and got no stars later i hit a second one and only got one star. Maybe i accidently found a glitch???

  • iCsrrr

    There is still a glitch where you can duplicate your cars and sell it all the time (like adders).

    • leo_o10

      What is the glitch

    • ConnorRefuge666

      How!?!?!?! i cant find a glitch anywhere!

  • Harry

    Glitch i have been using is patched now, made me millions

  • huntmo

    You can now have e-mails online and a holiday special car “the roosevelt”

  • Mr. Narwhal

    You can still get cars from story mode to online

    • Wim

      Yes but in case of the Sandking XL you can’s sell it for 90,000 any more, but only for 10,000

    • ConnorRefuge666


  • Rich BeardFire Lewis

    It fixed the “Infinite loading after replay missions” glitch for me. Awesome! Now I don’t have to quit each time.

    • ConorAbueid

      i had that too , now i can platinum

  • josh

    You have to pay when you kill people in passive mode

  • CyberOmen

    All the above, plus mission type icons appear on the corner of voting grid images, so you don’t have to hover over a choice to see what type it is.

    • CyberOmen

      Also, for those that had used the URL workaround (which doesn’t work any more) to buy tanks and other level/DLC locked items from websites; You have to be the level you could buy the Buzzard (45?) and Tank (70) to order them in from the Pegasus menu.

  • Dennis

    What I’ve noticed:
    -Tried selling a modded bravado maxed out and only got offered 10k
    -Car dupe glitch no longer works
    -Can sell cars over 50k
    -E-mail feature added to phone

  • Sadpanda Without RedBikini

    They removed the Red Bikini, and hair style that had a headband around your forehead.

  • gta5

    Downloaded it. and now it tells me the servers are unavailable. I was happy playing and now I can’t…damn Rockstar sucks.

  • Gta 5

    i have the roosevelt!!!! dressed like a mobster with my tommy gun ohhhh yeah!!!!

  • Kim Graham Peters

    free ratloader. available already!

  • Guest
  • Guest

    No more teleporting. Better camera options. Now when you hold down on (select). You have the option of “Standard or Low” aiming when your playing with your friends. You have a free valentine car to download.

  • iLchayd

    Is the single player to multiplayer glitch still there?

    • Harry

      Yes but the veichle only sells for 10k sadly

      • luis

        How is it still working ive tried like crazy just tells me the servers are down

  • Kim Graham Peters

    just had to sell a fully modded sentinel and only got 10 k for it. dunno if the patch now limits total payoff from sold cars, and not just the base price like it used to.

  • Maxime Jonckers

    Alright so after 5 minutes of playing i found out that they’ve :

    -Patched the bike barrier glitch
    -patched the Car dupe glitch
    -Added e-mail into the gta phone
    – added options in the interaction menu where you can choose a priority of killing friends( this will avoid accidental murder of friends or crew members
    Moved the spawn location from the settings to the inter action menu

  • andrew

    rockstar is dumb for this, i want new clothes, heists, houses, cars, anything…. stop with just the patches… its so dissapointing

    • Michael De Santa

      They’re trying to fix game-ruining glitches before releasing content. A game has to be perfect before more content can be added to it, because that content could bring more glitches for them to patch, and they could contradict with the already existing glitches making them more difficult to patch.

      • khodee

        Doesn’t have to be perfect, look at Call of Duty nothing but glitches and hacks but still throwing in DLC

        • rtainc

          That’s because Call of Duty sucks Adder.

  • shahab

    they patched da car dupe glitch 🙁

  • GTA 555

    God mode is gone

    • Hudster72

      I Hate to say it isn’t, I just reported someone (after the patch) for doing it. Caused the session to freeze and my xbox to brick. His gamertag ‘professeururben’ name and shame.

  • press

    the valintimes day pack is out early you can get it by going to the games store its under packs I FOUND IT #FIRST

    • Mike

      You can download it, but can’t use the stuff.

      • Tim

        Which friggen sucks.

    • ConnorRefuge666


  • wakaflakaflem

    *runs around heist room* nothing poped up=eternal sadness :[

  • press

    you can now sell cars worth more than 50k also they probably fixed the car dupe glitch

  • Stuart Wilson

    They have fixed the bike glitch where you can jump really high by bunny hopping into a barrier 🙁 i really liked the glitch it was always fun

  • Zachary Ormandy

    Everything appears to be the same with it, one minor change I’ve noticed is the cornrows glitch that’s been bothering everybody going to the barber has been fixed. I’ve yet to see if you still spawn with your extended clips automatically equipping every time you change sessions. But the heists would be a great addition and even casinos.

    • GinzingJames

      You can now select any mission you have unlocked from any NPC (Martin.. Lester.. Trevor etc) from Host Jobs in the menu. Win! You can’t replay them.. but you can Freemode after you finish and select it from the menu again

    • Trevor Phillips

      The cornrows may be fixed (Hooray!), but will putting on a full-faced mask bring them ’round again?