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GTA V 1.10 Money Car glitch, God mode fixed

Not only did Rockstar introduce widespread changes with the GTA V 1.10 patch notes, but it looks like the latest GTA V update has managed to fix some of the methods to make money easily online as well.

As far as we’re aware and by feedback from our readers, GTA V 1.10 unlimited money glitches using car dupes is no longer possible in the game. We have also heard that some of you have managed to sell custom cars using the old tactic of switching between modes, but Rockstar has now changed the game to give you $10k per sale only.

We’re also pleased to say that it looks like the there will be no GTA V 1.10 cheats using God Mode either. Rockstar really appears to have tightened things up with GTA V 1.10, so hopefully most of you will appreciate the changes.

We bet that a lot of you are really happy about the return of the Rat Loader in GTA V 1.10. Rockstar has obviously listened to the criticism that they received for removing it, so hopefully they’ll continue to listen to the community and make other changes as necessary.

Having said that, we still wouldn’t be surprised if we see some loopholes in the coming days, as it always seems to happen.

Let us know how you are getting on with GTA V after the 1.10 update. Remember that the GTA V 1.10 update notes can be read in full here. Have you been able to use the GTA V car dupe glitch since this update or not?



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