Call of Duty 2014 graphics could be amazing

By Alan Ng - Feb 13, 2014

We know that we are due an official announcement on the upcoming Call of Duty 2014 game by Sledgehammer, but some additional information has just turned up. Some of you may be unhappy with the graphics quality for COD Ghosts, but one insider has suggested that amazing graphics will be a priority for the next game above anything else.

Information is slowly starting to come in on the next game and we have a feeling that Activision are just days away from an official announcement.

Fans are skeptical on whether Sledgehammer Games can do a good job on their own, but as usual those doubts will probably be alleviated once the first COD Ghosts 2014 trailer goes live.

We wanted you to take a look at the following comment though, which has been made by industry insider Pete Dodd. He claims to already have some insight on the game as he has teased below:

“Internally people are excited for it. It is supposedly a pretty big jump over ghosts graphically.”

For those that finally want to see a Call of Duty game with amazing graphics, this could be exciting news indeed. The COD Ghosts graphics are not exactly terrible, but how much exactly suggests ‘big jump’?

Hopefully the answers to this question will be met soon. Let us know what you are expecting to see from the next Call of Duty game in terms of graphics, compared to what we have at the moment with Call of Duty Ghosts.

Could Sledgehammer surprise everyone and silence the early doubters?

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  • Jason

    Call of Duty has been playing on the same modified quake 3 engine which I can’t see how they will make a jump graphically. If they are gonna take the battlefield approach and make a new engine than I will believe it. They make more money consistently each year than each battlefield game but they but so much less time and money into each game than the passionate employees at EA do. I have been Call of Duty since call of duty 2 and I am just losing more and more faith with every call of duty that the same enjoyment and hype I got out of Call of Duty 4 will come back. You keep pissing off your fans and you will have none left to play your sub par games that you claim to be on the cutting edge. Call of duty 4 was so successful because it was so new, fresh and dynamic. Go back to that.

  • Dan

    Hopefully there will actually be objective modes, rather then just a bunch of variations of TDM

  • blackcravin

    Whats the point. Same crap as ghost with bad spawns and bad lag because you cant change the server search… prob another campers game

  • John

    Don’t get your hopes up over nothing. The next cod game will be announced on May 1st like every damn year and will not tale next gen priority