Titanfall beta codes invite live with FAQ

Are you hoping to get your hands on a free Titanfall beta code? If so, you want to race to EA’s website now as the official Titanfall beta invites are now live. Input your details and sit back and wait for the chance of getting a Titanfall code beta on PC or Xbox One.

As expected though, these codes are going to be very limited and EA has already warned that participating in the beta invite does not guarantee you a code.

Still though, it is worth a shot and EA confirms that all entrants will be notified by email no later than 11:59 PM PST on Feb 17th if successful.

While this is the most public way of getting into the beta, we’re hopeful that there will be a few other avenues as well, with code giveaways etc.

As you prepare for the anxious wait, we’ve also spotted that EA has set up a Titanfall beta FAQ, which you can read in full here. It reminds gamers that this is still not the final code of Titanfall, and of course another firm reminder that there will not be a Titanfall beta on Xbox 360.

So there we have it, sign up now and good luck everyone. Let us know if you have already managed to get in to the Titanfall beta on either PC or Xbox One. Do you like what you see?



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