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Splashy Fish feeds iOS addiction, not Android

Since the removal of Flappy Bird there has been a huge increase in the number of alternative apps, although none of them are able to recreate the magic that Flappy Bird offered. However, there is a new app that now sits at number one on the App Store as the top free app, and that is Splashy Fish.

It would seem that the Splashy Fish app is able to feed the addiction left behind by Flappy Bird for iOS users, for now anyway. There is no Splashy Fish Android version as yet, although if the app keeps proving a success, then we are sure the developer, Massimo Guareschi will make it available to Android devices and not just the iPhone and iPad.

Splashy Fish was only released yesterday and so seeing it at the top of the free iOS apps chart is surely proof that this is one of the better Flappy Bird alternatives?

The idea behind the game is to keep taping your fish in order for it to swim, although you have to make certain that you avoid the obstacles. Avoiding obstacles will be rewarded with a level up, as well as locating treasures.

However, the biggest challenge of Splashy Fish is to get the highest score – sound familiar does it?

One thing we do know, if Splashy Fish turns out to be just as addictive as Flappy Bird, then you are going to lose out on a social life.



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