Pokemon X and Y Diancie event imminent

With the dust now settled on the Pokebank, we are pleased to share some great information regarding the three missing new Pokemon X and Y Pokemon Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa.

It looks like Diancie may be the first to release for fans, as we can now confirm that Diancie has headlined the latest issue of Japanese publication Coro Coro.

It means that all of the initial leaks on Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa were real, and now we can look forward to the Pokemon X and Y Diancie event in due course.

Nintendo hasn’t gone public with the news yet, or given us any indication on a potential Pokemon X and Y Diancie release date. We do know that Diancie will definitely be a Fairy and Rock type Pokemon and that the creature will star in the next official Pokemon movie.

Some rumored information that could still turn out to be true on Diancie – having a special move called Diamond Storm and other moves including Moonblast, Safeguard, and Light Screen.

We’ve also heard another big rumor that Diancie’s location in Pokemon X and Y could specifically be linked to a Pokemon X and Y event called Couriway Ticket – with a train taking players to a new area which they can unlock Diancie.

It’s great to see that Diancie is now semi-official though and we can’t wait to see similar details pop up for Volcanion and Hoopa. Are you looking forward to the Diancie event? Let us know if you think the Couriway Ticket rumor could be true.



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