InFamous: Second Son teases mediocrity

By Matt Tran - Feb 12, 2014

Upcoming open world action adventure game InFamous: Second Son has been available for some hands on time and the results have teased mediocrity. Many of those who were able to get some time on the PS4 title liked what they saw and were left wanting more, but there has been some elements which are not up to standard according to previewers.

InFamous: Second Son launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 21st, the highly anticipated title by Suckerpunch has now been widely previewed, albeit only for half an hour. In this sequel the lead character faces a fight against the state for being different, or freaks as those who have powers are referred to in parts of the game.

A hands on review by CVG highlighted that the game mechanics did not feel like those of a next generation title and this new InFamous could be easily have tricked you into thinking it was a PS3 game. This is not necessarily a bad thing however as it brings a sense of familiarity to the game, which players of the older version may enjoy if they are wanting a similar experience.


Anyone in the story with superpowers are targets of a manhunt led by state officials, however this story line does not have a great deal of impact on the gameplay. The script, writing and voice acting in Second Son has been praised and help to add witty and warming moments to the game, helping to paper over a few predictable missions.

The combat elements of the game are reasonably good but fights against groups have been described as a little sticky, something which might disappoint players who like big battles. It is clear that despite these fairly mediocre previews so far, InFamous cant’t be judged on half an hour of gameplay and deserves a full review before we can conclusively judge it.

What are your expectations for InFamous: Second Son, will the reviews impact your decision on buying it next month?

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  • 3StepsForward4StepsBack

    Will be disappointing if this isn’t a big step up from last gen. As it is a PS4 exclusive, it will not have the weakness of the XBone holding it back like multi-platforms. No excuses. If this is only marginally better than last gen, then I guess no PS4 games (for quite a while) will be significantly better than last gen. Which will suck as the PS3 already has a lot more going for it. DLNA being a big one. Also, Sony have pretty much ruled 3D games (which I love) on the PS4. It seems like I will be hanging on to my PS3 for many a year to come. This is why digital games blow. If the dev stops supporting, you can be cut from even playing the SP games. I buy my PS3 games on disc. I am currently buying up all 3D games on the PS3 that I missed now that I know 3D gaming has been resigned to history. Trine 2 is said to be the last 3D game coming to PS4. 3D is nice but I don’t really like side-scrollers. Maybe selling PS4 on ebay and buying back when I am done with my PS3. By then (2017/18) PS4 may have some games and it will be WAAAAY cheaper.

  • Josh101

    “hands on review by C V G highlighted that the game mechanics did not feel like those of a next generation title”
    What are next generation mechanics? Nice bait headline PR. Did they complain about Battlefield 4 and Call of duty “mechanics” as well? The same exact game, with the same mechanics. Or let me guess, they praised them for switching the sight zoom and firing to L2 and R2 and deemed that next gen?

  • MeriMakr8298

    Bearing, not Baring.

    If you can’t break out a dictionary, you don’t need a forum like this to bash folks. You need to go back to school and learn how to write. Period.