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Gmail contacts manager misreads email use

Many consumers are growing aware of the constant changes that Google are making to their Gmail and Google+ services. Updates are continuing to happen behind the scenes at a frequent pace, but one Gmail feature that appears to be severely lacking is the Gmail contacts manager.

While certain areas of the Gmail experience are visually appealing and user friendly, the Gmail contacts section appears to be somewhat stuck in the past.

It offers a bland long list of contacts that you probably don’t remember adding several years ago, while there appears to be even bigger concerns when you look deeper into how Gmail connects your contacts with those you have followed, or have followed you on Google+.

For example, once you have passed the Gmail login stage, you can happy browse through your followers contact number lists, simply if you have added them to your circles or visa versa.

This could do with an interface upgrade.
This could do with an interface upgrade.

We’re sure some of you don’t mind your contact number being visible to those in your circles, but we’re sure that a lot of you still deem this to be sensitive information from those people who you happen to have followed, with a trigger happy finger whilst on a G+ adding spree.

Sending an email to someone on Gmail can also start a confusing chain of contact merges, with the system automatically logging data once you fire up a new Gmail email to send to an existing contact whose information you already have.

Basically put, the Gmail contacts section can do with a revamp and we’re sure some of you can agree with this. If you have spotted some faults with the Gmail experience online, get in touch with us below.

Do you agree that Google needs to focus on this aspect specifically before introducing any fresh Gmail updates?



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