Control appliances over the Internet with Parce

As far as control appliances over the internet are concerned the Parce Indiegogo project is looking for backers to help launch this smart wall plug idea into production. Much like that seen with Kickstarter the Parce Indiegogo project may not be totally unique but it is an ideal way to control your appliances from a distance.

The new wall plug which allows users to monitor energy use and allows full control over appliances like lights from your smartphone are expected to retail for about $69 and connect to your Wi-Fi network along with Parce’s cloud system to display energy usage. This clever device will allow you to manage your total electricity and plan shutdown times in the home, and although this is not an entirely new idea it is regarded as a surprisingly robust system.

Control appliances over the Internet with Parce 2

With plenty of other devices like this on the market we are entering a world where consumers are becoming aware of the power they are using and more people are looking at ways to cut costs in the home with the use of energy efficient saving devices.

Boasting a high performance design, this is a reasonably priced product that could end up saving you a packet, making users aware of the electricity lost as well as adding control to specific appliances. With this in mind, Parce are still short of their target and although there are plenty of Wi-Fi plugs emerging we thought our valued readers may want to check out this product with a link to the official Indiegogo page.

On their site we get to see varied images of this energy-saving device, which also highlights the number of rapidly increasing electrical devices that has prompted consumers to be more conscious about the energy waste and reduce consumption. Are you glad to see plenty of energy monitoring and saving devices bracing the market? Maybe you feel the Parce idea is one that should definitely be funded.



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