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LOL 4.2 patch notes live

The moment that League of Legends players have been waiting for has finally arrived. LOL 4.2 patch update is now live and brings with it many new changes compared to the LOL 4.1 update.

This update is very notable for players, as it finally contains the highly anticipated reworks for Skarner and Xerath. This includes a Base Mana reduction to 238, but an increase to +47 per level, compared to +45 as before.

Skarner’s Crystalline Exoskeleton skill has also been altered with the new LOL 4.2 patch. The move now has a cooldown of just 16 seconds, compared to 18 seconds on the previous build – its base shield and ability power ratio has been increased too.

As always, the League of Legends 4.2 update also contains a healthy selection of bug fixes to read through, including a fix to stop the HUD from scaling while the game was paused.

If you are a regular player, we strongly recommend you check out the full LOL 4.2 patch notes list here via the official website.

Let us know of any hidden changes that you have found, or alternatively issues with the game that are still present that need to be fixed with the LOL 4.3 update.



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