PS4 1.61 update for intermittent bug demanded

By Peter Chubb - Feb 10, 2014

Last week saw Sony release two new updates, one for the PS4 and the other for the PS3, however, it was the former that was a bit of a concern because some PlayStation 4 owners had been experiencing some login issues. However, this does not seem to be the only issue with PS4 update 1.60 because some users are having problems with their friends list as well.

We know that Sony is already aware of the login issue and a hotfix should not be too long, so we have to wonder if that next update will be 1.61 and whether it will include a fix for the friends list bug, which is said to be an intermittent one?

A thread on Reddit was started yesterday and shared details how some PS4 owners have noticed that their friends list information does not show up correctly, as the number of friends that appear on the homepage does not tally with those that appear on the actual friends list.

We must stress that this is not an issue experienced by all PS4 owners, just a select few, although it can become rather annoying.

One of the other problems with PS4 1.60 update is how some PlayStation 4 users are showing online at all times, and have been unable to get to the bottom of the issue.

We’d love to know if you have experienced any of these issues since upgrading to PS4 1.60, or any others come to think of it.

One would presume that Sony is also aware of these issues and we hope that they will be included in the imminent hotfix, which should be 1.61.

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  • bradley012345

    No problems here. I use the system daily play games like Backlight and Tomb raider and stream from Netflix and Crunchyroll I have my free trial of Music Unlimited playing in the BG of my game all while streaming all audio thru the controllers headphone jack the PS4 heats up but no software problems

  • Beto

    Just opened and set-up my PS4 – seemed fine. Then downloaded the 1.60 update to connect my PS3 Bluetooth headset and now my WiFi keeps dropping off. To top it off, it takes forever for PS4 to “see” the headset and when it finally does, I get a “couldn’t connect in the amount of time” error message (or something like that that effect). Very annoying. Hopefully something can be done to correct the issue.

  • Brian Burke

    my ps4 stopped working after 1.60 update all i get is safe screen . someone help me please?

  • SSSi

    Yup, I have friends listed as online and playing games, but they aren’t. Also BF4 does the same, u til you go to multiplayer and nobody is online after all

  • Alan Brown New

    Since the update ive been getting ce-34878-0 ps4 error on BF14, FIFA 14 and Ghost

  • Dan

    cannot access ps store after 1.6, just says an error has occurred no code or anything

  • Beast

    just logged on to ps4 and my ps app shows 9 online. ps4 only shows 1.

  • fred

    apparently so but i havent had any bugs and nether have any of my friends ! just rumours sent by xbox fan maybe