Pokemon X and Y Pokebank problems with hacked Pokemon

The Pokebank is finally live for Pokemon X and Y and having had the chance to use it for almost a week, we want to know your thoughts on how the service is operating. Most of you will be enjoying your free Pokebank trial at the moment, but how do you feel seeing the barrage of Pokemon X and Y hacked Pokemon that are seemingly slipping past Nintendo’s security measures?

We spoke about the use of hacked Pokemon in X and Y here, with the Pokebank release opening the floodgates for many users to use services such as GTS and Pokechecker.

Some have argued that as long as a Pokemon’s stats is in line with other Pokemon in X and Y, bringing hacked Pokemon into online X and Y battles is fine with them.

However, unsurprisingly other fans are against this idea completely and are calling on Nintendo to step up their security and lock out all hacked Pokemon from the game.

The problem with this though, is that there are a significant number of Pokemon X and Y players who have hacked Pokemon in their possession that they received without willingly knowing that they were hacked.

Nintendo has tried to introduce software with Pokebank and Poke Transporter that checks for hacked Pokemon before they can enter Pokemon X and Y. Obviously though they haven’t been completely successful with this and we are still seeing a lot of hacked Pokemon in the game.

It’s a difficult situation for the company though, in all honesty. Do you close the door completely to those gamers who have spent time hacking Pokemon from generation to generation? There’s even one Pokemon editor who has come clean about hacking since Ruby and Sapphire – you can read about it in this intriguing article.

What do you say to all of the hackers out there – do you have a problem and believe it is ruining your Pokemon X and Y experience or not?

Any of you want to admit that you are also using hacked Pokemon at the moment?



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