Modern Warfare 4 2014 shock with Captain Price

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2014

We have a massive rumor to share with you now, especially those that are looking forward to seeing Modern Warfare 4 so soon after playing MW3. We have told you already that Sledgehammer Games are making the Call of Duty 2014 game, now though it looks like that game may turn out to be Modern Warfare 4.

This would obviously be a major surprise if it turns out to be true. Don’t forget that Infinity Ward has been behind the majority of Modern Warfare series and it would be the first time that Activision has given the go ahead for Sledgehammer Games to make MW4 all on their own.

The information has surfaced from this website, who also reveal information from their tipster suggesting that Captain Price will be involved in the game. Furthermore, the Modern Warfare 4 storyline will all apparently revolve around the SAS and that Price will be one of two main characters along with Nikolai.

Activision has already confirmed that Sledgehammer are making the next game, so this is a very exciting and intriguing period if they are actually working on Modern Warfare 4.

It goes without saying that Sledgehammer will be under intense pressure to make a quality Call of Duty game after Ghosts, especially knowing that Infinity Ward will be breathing down their necks to ensure that Modern Warfare 4 is up to their own standards.

There’s no word on a potential Modern Warfare 4 release date yet, but stay tuned for more MW4 news and rumors as we get it. Read the whole scoop through the link and give us your reaction to this.

Do you have a problem with Sledgehammer Games taking over from IW and developing Modern Warfare 4 or not?

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  • ertyqwerty

    Lame,this gives me doubt the game will be good and it just goes to show how lazy Sledgehammer is if they go with the obvious choice…Majority of people dont want MW4 and i know personally i cant stand another present day/close future fps


      Actually it will be good 4 sledge hammer so they can make first game and infinity ward is helping sledgehammer make the game

  • JJ

    If I were to make the next cod I would make mw4 with price,Nikolai,and frost be main characters cause frost never really died. Then ghost is alive and comes back like a badass then the 2nd group would bring back the army rangers from mw2 with aft foley and cpl Dunn and them. Then the enemy
    Would be some guy who takes over makarovs work. Then make the campaign co-op. There’s MW4

  • xDeathoRx


  • Kevin Zuniga

    Problem with sledgehammer taking over no…but yes with the fact that its mw4 they should introduce a new title

  • blackcravin

    so we going to have another ghost/mw3 same maps just different objects(textures) and lag and not able to choose between the any server, normal server and best server….. i suppose it cant get any worse than ghost..

    • John

      When Sledgehammer were hiring staff, they wanted people that could work well on guns and vehicles. So i hope they work hard to put tanks and planes in multiplayer.

      • blackcravin

        more battlefied style, they need to sort out servers like they did with BO2 and spawning points then maybe ill buy another cod game i had ghost played online for 15mins and sold the game..

        • John

          Do you have BF4? I’m thinking of getting it but a lot people say it’s really buggy and gay.

        • Mofo

          BF4 is okay to play now I’ve been play it a lot on PC & don’t really have any issue with.
          Also Sledgehammer Games making this can only mean it going to be bad.

        • John

          Yea, I’m doubting they’ll pull off “one of if not the best Call of Duty game ever”

      • JJ

        Tanks and planes I think yer gravitating toward a battlefield like cod