Kindle Paperwhite 3rd generation halts sales

By Marlon Votta - Feb 10, 2014

The Kindle Paperwhite 3rd generation hasn’t even been confirmed by Amazon, but it is clear that some buyers won’t purchase the Kindle Paperwhite if there’s any chance of a 3rd-gen seeing a release date in the next few months. With this in mind, we are eager to find out what people think of this and find out how much this 3rd generation Kindle might be going for.

We get the impression that regardless of pricing and availability, some feel that this is all speculation at the moment and many cannot see a reason why a new Kindle Paperwhite would be introduced so soon after the recent release of the 2nd generation version.

To get an even perspective we have decided to highlight ongoing discussion on the Amazon website as many feel that there is a distinct possibility that this device will not emerge until late this year. Other consumers are not overly excited about the upcoming release and some even go as far as to say they would not buy one even when it does come out.

Although talk about the 3rd generation instalment is mainly just speculation until something official is revealed, we are aware that the price of the next Kindle Paperwhite is a major factor when it comes to attracting custom but rumours suggest the release date could be a lot sooner than expected with reports saying this could arrive in the second quarter.

Kindle Paperwhite 3rd generation halts sales

This will mean only a few months between the 2nd and 3rd generations, and this is something that has accumulated a sceptical view, with rumours saying it will be 300 pixels per inch, which is an upgrade to the current 212 ppi, while other enhancements could be to do with making reading more simpler with the introduction of a new custom-made font choice.

Other rumoured improvements are expected within the brightness adjustment, and a weight reduction, even though we are hearing that Amazon might be replacing the plastic screen with a matte-finish glass. With this in mind, we would love to know if our readers are looking forward to another improved version of the Kindle Paperwhite before the year is up?

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  • Suzanh

    Are you having the font box pop up every time you “turn a page” with your thumb on the lower part of the page on the paperwhite? I have returned 2 and won’t buy again unless I have a page turn button

  • Moonchilde

    I’m fine with my first generation PW but would buy a PW 3 if it had page turn buttons.

  • cakezula

    Page. Turn. Buttons!

  • sam fireman

    Well I’m excited. I did not like the PW2 the touch screen or the footnotes. They were glitchy. I still have my Kindle Keyboard. lol What I’m hating is the lack of support for notes in personal documents. As a student and researcher, I need to be able to store notes in my ebooks and transfer them from KindleForPC to my Kindle. But that support although promised was never implemented.

  • Bill

    The new PW3 sounds great, except for glass replacing the plastic screen. Won’t that just make for a whole lot of glare when outside?

  • John Cosgrave

    It would be very interesting if it also had sound so that it supported immersion reading as on the Kindle Fire. the Kindle definitely needs a better way to place books into directories – ideally through connecting it to a computer – the business of moving one book at a time is a bit of a nuisance.

  • Jim S

    I’m one of those whose waiting to see if the rumored improvements (higher resolution screen and haptic page turn buttons) turn out to be a reality. I’m an avid reader and have switched entirely to kindle books for convenience and price.
    My ebook library has grown to almost 1,500 books and I buy 3 to 5 new books a week. I love my PW1 and didn’t think the upgrades in the PW2 were enough to justify upgrading but would love to have page turn buttons and will almost certainly upgrade to the PW3 if it has them, providing the price isn’t too high. I’d expect the wifi model to be priced under $150. If so, I’ll buy one the day they’re announced.
    I don’t expect to see a larger screen model come out and am satisfied with the 6 inch screen but I realize that there are some who prefer them and Amazon may surprise us.

    • Julia Todd

      I read about as much as you do and my job has me sitting around in court, so much, I have my PW1 charging while I read my PW2. Initially, I couldn’t really tell the difference and got it just to get an extra reader, however, after going back and forth from one to the other sometimes nightly. I can now say there is a HUGE difference. The new PW2 is better on the eyes, faster to page through, and doesn’t “stick” like my PW1 sometimes does. I rather have my PW2 over my PW1 any day.

  • Erin Argast

    Paperback novels outsell softcovers, and hardbacks, and 6 inch / 7 inch e-readers / tablets outsell larger units. Compare the sales of the Amazon Kindle (‘Basic’), and Amazon Kindle PaperWhite, and the Amazon Kindle DX for proof. Most people find a smaller unit easier to hold in one hand while laying in bed, or in a recliner.

    The PaperWhite 3 will be out sometime this year, probably…if not in the Spring, then by late Fall. I will be getting one whenever it arrives. The rumor is that the PW2 has 212 PPI, while the Kobo Aura has 265 PPI, because the firm which makes screens for both units sold to Kobo first. That put Kobo ahead of Kindle, PPI wise, and Kindle is anxious to catch up to, and surpass, Kobo, by bringing out the 300 PPI Kindle PW3 as soon as possible. That makes sense, if true, and so the Spring release date may be true. In any case, the PW3 should be out in time for the 2014 Xmas sales season. I can wait until November, or so, if need be, but would prefer to get mine in April, if possible.

  • Nishant

    i dont care when it comes… just give a large size, the present paperwhite are so small…. 6 inch really suks, dont understand who says 6 inch is perfect for reading books…… at least match auro HD… only then i will buy ereaders…

  • Hans

    waiting as well

  • John

    I’m expecting it to be released in April. I don’t think it will replace the paperwhite but will sit above it, with a 300ppi and 7″ screen, and $200 price tag. This premium spot is currently only occupied by the Aura HD.

  • dave birney

    im waiting as well. its not something that i really need that much anyway so i dont mind waiting either. id say if its not available to buy by the end of the year ill just get the current one

  • patriot7080

    I want a paperwhite. If they say August, I will buy PW2 today. But for now I am stuck in waiting mode.