Gmail social email integration not ideal

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2014

Earlier on we spoke about the growing trend of social networks and specifically how a Facebook login email and password is now used for many social-orientated websites online. Now, we want to shift our attention to Google, and their efforts to make Gmail email logins an integrated feature of the majority of your surfing time.

You may have noticed that Google has stealthily increased the options of using a Gmail login on many other websites other than the usual

Evidence of this has mostly been seen with the switch to using ‘real names’ on YouTube, but also a sneaky change to Gmail features which now post YouTube comments straight onto your Gmail profile.

Many consumers are not happy about the subtle changes, but Gmail interaction regarding where your email details are used can easily be changed in your profile settings.

Are you happy to use a Gmail login for everything?

Are you happy to use a Gmail login for everything?

In a nutshell, Google is trying to catch up to Facebook in the battle of social email preference. You’ll now notice more often than not, that many websites will give you the option of signing into their websites using either Facebook, Google, Yahoo and even Twitter.

While many consumers can now honestly say that they enjoy the Google+ experience more than Facebook, it is Mark Zuckerberg’s company that appears to be leading the way in social presence online.

We love to see new Gmail features being expanded such as the recent Gmail plugin with Google Maps, but we would also like Google to be a bit more transparent when addressing these changes with consumers.

Some of you may have also noticed emails to your Gmail account that are being sent to you by other Google+ users without warning. This is another subtle feature that Google has activated behind the scenes and once again needs users to manually disable if they don’t want to make use of it.

As a consumer, how do you feel about Google pushing Gmail interactions on many of your existing online services?

Do you have no problems as you prefer it over Facebook, or do you agree that Google needs to take a step back and inform users in a more clear-cut way before going live?

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  • Gibralter

    Boo hoo!!! I signed up for this FREE service and now I don’t like what they’re doing to MY account, MY settings, MY inbox. Get a grip, people.

    • Gosh

      Okay so you think that Google is making no money what so ever off of this? You have your head in the sand.

      • Holy

        Have you ever paid to use Google? Do you think whiny Jessica has ever paid to use Google? (To think you’d put yourself in the same boat as her. Ick.) As far as I’m concerned (and Google agrees) they can do whatever the hell they want with their services if it means more money for THEIR business. Keeping sucking on that teat… if it tastes sour remember that no one has a gun to your head.

        • Gosh

          How much is Google paying you to sit here and argue? Okay so you use a library for free. You are used to the ways of the library. Then suddenly one day this library posts online every book you ever checked out and then they turn and say “Hey but it was a free service so why would you complain?” It doesn’t matter if the service is free to the user.

        • Holy

          Beggars can’t be choosers. What you’re saying is that you’re entitled to this service for free – something that Google has done work to develop. You lack an appreciation for the free services provided that revolutionize the way you live and the opportunities you have available to you. I’d love to see them deny you access to all of their free services just so you can come back, begging for more of momma’s milk.

        • Gosh

          Let’s see Google charge for their services and see how far they get. I am not arguing any further with a fool. Because you are a fool.

        • Holy

          Also, if you can’t tell the difference between using Google and a public library… there’s no hope for you.

        • Gosh

          And if you can’t understand an analogy then you are are truly as dense as I initially thought you were. Google needs to find better reps. Hey Google hire me. I can do a much better job than this dolt.

        • Gosh

          Oh and if I am sucking on Google’s teats then you are licking their nether lands and lapping it up. lol

  • Annie Kiser

    And – I also do not recall ever signing up for google plus. I wish I knew how to deactivate it.

  • Annie Kiser

    I don’t like anything google has done lately. I don’t want the entire world knowing every comment I make, every site I visit, every picture I post. I can’t even figure out how to increase my privacy level – it seems like far more than a 1 click process. I can’t even tell where or to whom my information is going. And the new gmail sucks. I hate the little box and the tiny scroll bar in the margin. I would dump google and gmail in a heartbeat.

  • I would rather post as a guest

    GOOGLE PLUS SUCKS! All the hidden interference, privacy reduction, etc with google has inspired me to go back to my comcast account. I can trust comcast FAR more than the intrusive, secretive Google attitude. I am afraid even to use my gmail address on my resume now because it is too time consuming to figure out what might come up on me. I never even thought I signed UP for Google Plus and that started broadcasting my photos to the whole world. Now, I cannot get rid of it without losing all my email and contacts. Google screwed up royally.

    • Donna Tella

      Have to agree. Not using social media to have a discussion before implementation is totally anti-democratic. Navigating in Google plus is not intuitive. Getting pics and info out is impossible. The purpose of email is to have private one on one conversations. GOOGLE DOCS it is NOT. STOP THE MASHUP! They’ve turned it into EMAIL ECOLI!