Adblock Plus gains mixed Chrome reviews

By Marlon Votta - Feb 10, 2014

Adblock Plus is a new tool for Chrome that gives users the option to block those tedious video adverts, not to mention annoying banners and those Facebook ads that can also be a pain. For many users this is an ideal way to browse the internet without constantly being pestered by intrusive ads that just waste screen space.

Block out those obtrusive ads, pop-ups and banners for an advert free search with Adblock Plus and join up with the community-driven open source project that is currently being used by millions worldwide.

As we look at what is being said about this browser extension, feedback suggests that Adblock Plus should also block adverts from NBC, ABC and CBS, while others have had problems with this working in general. This is may come as a surprise to those who are happy with this as some users give us the impression this could be their best extension to date.

Adblock Plus gains mixed Chrome reviews

This is part of a mixed response as some say this is not working properly, while others are quite content with the service. The good thing about this extension is that it is a community-driven project that welcomes feedback, and we are sure this popular browser extension company are aware of the problems some users have been having.

Therefore, we are sure that improvements will be made for those experiencing problems, because we have even heard reports from one person letting us know that this gave their computer some issues. So, we would love to know whether you have been encountering problems with Adblock Plus, or is this your new favourite extension?

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    This program solved all of my popup problems. Love it!

  • Damien Slattery

    It is a mess at the moment. I have loved ADBLOCK for two years, so I don’t know what has happened lately.

  • jacksona091

    Tried Adguard chrome extension few days ago. Goodbye adblock and abp

  • John McCue

    Why use ABP? AdBlock (different company) already works just fine on Chrome…

  • derekmartinez12

    Not new… but still an interesting read.