Pokemon X and Y in Minecraft dreams

We have something amazing to share with Minecraft fans now, especially those who also consider themselves to be massive fans of Pokemon. How would you feel if one day there was an option to experience Pokemon X and Y in Minecraft via custom mods?

It sounds like a very farfetched idea, but we can confirm that work has already started on this vision behind the scenes. One talented Minecraft developer has shared progress so far, confirming that Route 4 from Pokemon X and Y has already been recreated and converted to the wonderful world of Minecraft.

The image you see above shows what this project looks like so far and has been created by user Talon Blackfire. You can see the detail that has gone into the conversion project and we think it looks very impressive indeed.

Would you love to play this Pokemon mod in Minecraft?
Would you love to play this Pokemon mod in Minecraft?

In another image, you can see the same technique that has been used to recreate Santalune City Gym instead. More images can be seen over on Talon’s Google+ profile – including a picture showing Pokemon Growlithe and Arcanine, Minecraft style.

We wonder what Notch and Game Freak think of this idea? If you are a fan of both franchises, let us know what you think of a Pokemon X and Y Minecraft collaboration.



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