Galaxy Note 4 Vs iPhone 6 excitement in 2014

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2014

Samsung may be preparing to unveil the Galaxy S5 release date very soon, but it looks like many consumers are saving their money for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release instead. On the other side of the pond, iPhone fanatics are once again gearing up to jump aboard the annual iPhone release bandwagon, with the inevitable iPhone 6 release date.

The obvious question that we want to know though, is what device you are most looking forward to. The battle of Samsung Vs Apple could take on a even bigger meaning in 2014, with both companies set to offer massive upgrades to their respective devices.

Based on Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 rumors, it could be a very exciting time indeed for consumers. Galaxy Note 4 specs are continuing to drop, suggesting that Samsung could be preparing to differentiate from the Galaxy S5 by unleashing the Note 4 with a 4K display.

On top of that, we could see RAM boundaries on a smartphone broken in a massive way, with 4GB of RAM already being discussed for Samsung’s device. An even faster Octa-core Exynos processor is also expected, but camera fans could be set for another big treat with a whopping 16 megapixel camera.

Concept offering potential hints of design

Concept offering potential hints of design

It’s also worth mentioning that Samsung could be planning go one better than Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and introduce Retina scanning on the Note 4 – a feature that could be brought over from the Galaxy S5 when it launches around the rumored April/May period.

That is a beast of a phone either way you look at it, so how could Apple possibly compete with the iPhone 6? The good news is that Apple could be preparing to offer consumers that bigger display at last, in line with what Samsung caters for with the Note line.

Specifically, an iPhone 6 or iPhone Air with a 5.5-inch display with a 2K QHD resolution at 2272×1280 pixels has been rumored. A new Apple A8 processor could also make performance on the iPhone 6 a non-issue, regardless of how many apps are open at the same time.

Clues on the iPhone 6 back casing?

Clues on the iPhone 6 back casing?

We’re also pleased to hear whispers that Apple could finally offer an iPhone that contains more than 1GB of RAM – a big request from consumers.

Another major feature of the iPhone 6 could be a display that features sapphire materials, a rumor that we talked about recently here.

Overall though, we have a feeling that the overall battle will not come down to dazzling hardware specs, but once again what OS consumers prefer. iOS 7.1 could be enough to tempt iPhone fans into an upgrade, but there will always be the temptation of full customization for those that opt for the Galaxy Note 4 instead.

Do you agree that customization is always a key aspect in your decision to not choose an iPhone each year? If you are excited about hearing about all of these rumored specs so far, let us know what device you are leaning towards at the moment.

iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4 if you could only choose one?

[Headline image from Federico Ciccarese]

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  • Tim

    Note 4 for me! I am waiting eagerly. Just not an Apple fan. They make good phones for older people but not for young, innovative people. I have a Note 3 now and it rocks. And by the way, the reason they have the plastic back is so you can open it. It has to be flexible. Not even an issue with Note owners.

  • Javed

    Thanks I like note 4 very much

  • appletechguy

    I love both but my iPhone 5s I think is the best on the charts

  • Techjockyjoe

    Note 4 by a mile because of features and flexibility of customization.Apple has been passed and without Steve J. may never #1 again.

  • jimmy

    My note 3 has 3GB RAM and 96GB storage. Easily swappable battery. I’ll switch to Apple when they decide to compete on specs (never).

  • Sebastian Bartlett

    That note 4 concept looks absolutely spectacular, futuristic almost.

  • Note_lover

    Hands down, the Galaxy Note 4. It is going to blow any ANY device out of the water, especially the iPhone! My Note 3 is still the top device to this day. Can’t wait to see what the true specs will be on the Note 4 because if Apple wants to compete with Samsung, it would have to have a complete overhaul, which Apple won’t do.


      Just wait my friend…!!

      • Sebastian Bartlett

        Apple have been saying that since the iphone 4.

        • DIMITRISK

          I don’t think so Sebastian….!!!!!

        • Sebastian Bartlett

          Well I don’t see anything revolutionary or that differemt since the iphone 4 except for a rubbish fingerprint scanner that breaks quite quickly

        • DIMITRISK

          I disagree completely Seb….!!!!

      • Javed


  • banglazbless

    To think that anything out in 2014 will come close to the note4 is ludicrous, I don’t even think will come close to the note3 to be honest.

    • Harley Vincent

      Hell, the Note 3 is already 2 years ahead, in terms of tech, of apples iphone 5.

  • Matthew Speak

    The next HTC one, hands down.


    No more PLASTIC with Samsung….

  • Jonduke19

    HTC M8

    Samsung makes cheaply built, bloated and slow products. Apple makes… Well… The same thing since the first iPhone.

  • Jacob Kral

    If I had to choose though.. it’d be the note 4.. to keep and use. I’d HEAVILY modify it though, and complete erase the touchwiz nonsense and root to remove all the bloatware, or just load a custom rom instead.

    If I was allowed to sell them, Id get the iPhone instead since they seem to hold value better.

  • Jacob Kral

    Not at all interested in either device. Samsung is usually poor quality and gimmicks when it comes to phones, apple is usually the same limited rehash with a slightly improved spec sheet and laughable commercials.

  • EnglishRose

    The note 3 is the best phone out now and will continue to be the best imo. Customisation has a big part along with the power then the looks. I had apple phones before and I now have a android note 3. They never came close to this beast. Even if a iphone has a 5.5 screen your still looking at a iphone. Not like a storage buster with an amazing replaceable battery and being able to change the style of it everyday if you like. Samsung really do think for the customers and what they like to do.

  • Michael Dennique

    Galaxy Note 4 for me along with 64Gb internal storage & 4K display and 4Gb Ram. The Galaxy Note must have a screen size of 5.7 or higher.