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Facebook login favored to email on sites

Are you a consumer who completely depends on your social login when browsing the internet now? A few decades ago, a social login would be unheard of, but now the magical Facebook login email is seen as the golden ticket to entering the majority of popular locations on the internet.

How many of you are now reluctant to admit that your Facebook email login is now the same login that you use for many other sites when on your daily browse? Facebook has worked painlessly hard on this factor behind the scenes, while other companies appear to be playing catchup after falling behind.

While those that login with their Facebook email for every website browsing session may see no issues with it, others looking in from the outside may be wondering how far it will go in the future.

To give you an idea of just how much of a hold Facebook has on the internet, we bring you some excellent stats analysis that has been conducted by Gigya.

The site has managed to track social login presences for 2013 and unsurprisingly has concluded that Facebook has the lions share with a staggering 51% of website logins using a Facebook login and password.

Are you a Facebook addict?
Are you a Facebook addict?

In comparison, Google is lagging behind with only 28% of consumers using their Google+ logins on other social websites. Having said that, Google has the benefit of launching much later than Facebook and is growing in massive numbers by the day – especially Google+ communities.

On mobile, it’s a similar story with Facebook racking up an even bigger percentage of social logins, with 63% compared to Google’s 25%.

The image included here also shows that Yahoo are slipping and may be in danger of becoming irrelevant as consumers prefer to either use their Facebook or Google logins.

Is this a trend that you have started to notice too over the last few months? Let us know if you can admit to using your Facebook login email on the majority of websites that you browse. Does it bother you or not?



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