The Last of Us 2, PS4 release or new IP deliberated

By Peter Chubb - Feb 8, 2014

Being one of the most popular game developers it is often hard for them to make all their fans happy, and so Naughty Dog has found themselves doing a fine balancing act. They understand that gamers want so much more from them, but realize that with limited resources compromises have to be made.

The most recent title from Naughty Dog is The Last of Us, which had become a great success for them. Not only has the game won numerous awards, but is about to get a huge DLC as well. It’s not all good news for NG though because they have come under constant pressure from fans asking when they will start work on a sequel.

However, even before we talk about that we have to discuss the elephant in the room, which is The Last of Us PS4 release. Some of you will not want to see the game brought to the PlayStation 4 because of having played it already, but like GTA V, there will be many gamers who want to experience such a great game on a next-gen console.

Naughty Dog has already discussed the issue of The Last Of Us for PS4 and said because of limited resources they need to make certain they use them wisely. The comment that was recently made in an interview with Eurogamer is an interesting one because it’s not an outright no, but rather one where Naughty Dog will evaluate where the demand is and go from there.

This would mean that if demand for a PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us were high enough, then Naughty Dog would consider a release.

The developer has also two other things to discuss as well, the first is a sequel and the second a new IP. This would mean they are now trying to gauge if they should start work on The Last of Us 2, or if they should think about a completely new IP?

Personally, we feel as though Naughty Dog should not work on a new IP just yet and concentrate on The Last of Us 2. And for those of you who start to moan about wanting an Uncharted 4 release first, we already know Naughty Dog is working on the next Uncharted title.

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  • Jack

    Anything ND will make is worth playing. I would like to see some more TLOU on PS4 though. Not just because of the truly epic story, characters, but A – because ND totally nailed the post apocalyptic setting ( i don’t think i have ever seen such a beautiful version of a world we know in ruins) and B- The clicker is just to awesome to feature in just one game. I’m serious, clickers are the best thing in gaming since the Resident Evil Nemesis imo. Maybe an older Ellie, or a younger Joel, or a whole new story and cast. But some more TLOU? yes please 🙂

  • James Day


    Don’t bother making the game as a re-release on the PS4….that’s what Playstation Now is for!
    TLOU will drive PSNow subscriptions up because it’s a fantastic game.

    Finish off the DLC and focus everything you have on developing Uncharted 4 and maybe Last of Us 2 for the PS4.
    We know you’re under some pressure but it’s your own fault for making the best games on console….BAR NONE!

  • seeafish

    I really don’t understand why people want to ruin things with a sequel. The game was a perfect story arch that ended brilliantly. Really don’t see what a sequel would achieve other than cheapen the original.

    • James Day

      What about a prequel?

      Joel loses his daughter and then BAM! It’s 20 years later? WTF?

      I want to know what happened to Joel in those 20 years!

      • seeafish

        Actually, a prequel or a filler of those 20 years is the only thing I would actually get behind. I was going to mention that in my original comment, but was typing on my phone and couldn’t be bothered hehe.
        It’s a continuation, i.e. sequel, that I’m against.