GTA V DLC with Lenny Avery Mansions hype

While the wait for the GTA V 1.10 update release date goes on, it looks like there is some very exciting news happening underground with regards to the GTA V DLC 1 content. Evidence has been uncovered suggesting that the first DLC expansion may heavily feature mansions in GTA V, with specific reference to Lenny Avery.

Lenny Avery is the real estate developer in GTA V as most of you will know, who pops up as a minor character during story mode.

Some of you have discovered that a Lenny Avery Realty website exists though in GTA Online, showing new pictures of unseen huge properties, or in other words – GTA V mansions.

When visiting this website in-game on GTA V, players are met with the ‘website is down for maintenance’ message fuelling further rumors that this is specifically related to GTA V DLC.

Is this legit or not??
Is this legit or not??

We’ve included some videos below giving you some clues on this becoming a reality in the near future. In one of the videos you can see clear pictures of some of these new mansions that may become available for purchase when Rockstar releases the DLC for everyone.

Obviously none of this is confirmed yet, but the clues are there and it does look very promising at this point. Look at the image we’ve included above showing more evidence of Lenny Avery Realty mansions and let us know what you think.

Are you convinced that the first GTA V content will include the option of mansions? Let us know your thoughts and ideas below.



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