GTA V DLC with Lenny Avery Mansions hype

By Alan Ng - Feb 8, 2014

While the wait for the GTA V 1.10 update release date goes on, it looks like there is some very exciting news happening underground with regards to the GTA V DLC 1 content. Evidence has been uncovered suggesting that the first DLC expansion may heavily feature mansions in GTA V, with specific reference to Lenny Avery.

Lenny Avery is the real estate developer in GTA V as most of you will know, who pops up as a minor character during story mode.

Some of you have discovered that a Lenny Avery Realty website exists though in GTA Online, showing new pictures of unseen huge properties, or in other words – GTA V mansions.

When visiting this website in-game on GTA V, players are met with the ‘website is down for maintenance’ message fuelling further rumors that this is specifically related to GTA V DLC.

Is this legit or not??

Is this legit or not??

We’ve included some videos below giving you some clues on this becoming a reality in the near future. In one of the videos you can see clear pictures of some of these new mansions that may become available for purchase when Rockstar releases the DLC for everyone.

Obviously none of this is confirmed yet, but the clues are there and it does look very promising at this point. Look at the image we’ve included above showing more evidence of Lenny Avery Realty mansions and let us know what you think.

Are you convinced that the first GTA V content will include the option of mansions? Let us know your thoughts and ideas below.

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  • Shots fired!

  • jonathan undead

    tristan u idiot, hes not a snitch hes plaing the game right. dumass. hes not hacking like a no life idiot

  • Tristan Myrtle

    This dudes a snitch ↓

  • Ricky Ricdawg Lestrange

    all hacked money hass been removed. if u see moders do what rockstar asked report them or if u have a gamen capture card record ur game an email to rockstar makes it easyer to find hackers an moders

  • lockr

    Fancy a bum?

  • ruffiezz

    Everyone is rich of their asses after the abuse, why not spend it on outrageous houses that still wouldn’t dent their income

    • WILL a.k.a ILL WILL

      If you’re referring to GTA Online, the exploited cash is gone, the cash we can still get by duping and selling adders is very small compared to the billions we had… The money made in story mode was legit, if you took advantage of stock missions..

  • Big

    Idiot, the website is for one of Trevor’s side missions

    • Small

      Did u read the article b/c he says that and why would the site even be online if not to be used eventually

      • Middle

        He doesn’t say that, it’s a side mission

        • Both

          I’m a virgin

        • no speakyengrish

          Mrs palmer treats me very well. C

        • Top

          So minor character in story mode isn’t clear enough for you to figure out it’s a side mission, since you obliviously played the mission you fall in the “most of you will know” category like the 90% reading this.

        • High

          Avery missions use the website, but only Trevor can view it, all the sites transfer to multiplayer, this is the dumbest article iv read there’s not going to be “mansion dlc”… Ha

        • Try again

          Not true the site can be viewed by Franklin and Michael also and brings up each house with description just like dynasty 8

        • iknowall

          Lol to all the people trying to down this idea. If you were like me at the opening of GTA online i checked all the websites looking for any information. The Lenny and Avery website was viewable in online for a very brief period of time, you could get directions to the home just as you could in single player. Alot of those saying only trevor could view it thats funny because ALL THREE of my characters could. If they didn’t have plans to add homes why would they have went out of their way to put the website down for maintenance?
          It is pretty much a given that the house features will be added. Why because Rockstar have said they are going to expand this game beyond anything they have done before. So it would only make since to add house’s to add futher things to spend our income on.